Atlanta OneWheelers?

  • Just curious to know how many other onewheelers are located in the metro Atlanta area? I know we have 4 in Smyrna alone. Were planning on doing a beltline costume wheel saturday morning and hopefully get some good video of people seeing us for the first time.

  • I created a Chicago ride group a few weeks ago and found 9 riders in my area! FB makes it easy to create events and message people, too. Great way to meet riders.

  • Ugh, wish I saw this a few days ago. @atl1wheelin I eventually did break down and buy one. I think you let me demo yours a few months ago. Thanks, again, for that.

  • Bought mine back in August and am now a complete addict trying to ride a bit everyday. I live in Decatur GA and am a 15-20 min shot to the belt line. I generally ride around mason mill park and streets/paths around avondale/decatur but am looking forward to hitting up the belt line soon. Let me know if you are ever in the area!

  • The beltline is super fun. I currently live between buckhead and midtown, and the charge I get out of the onewheel is fantastic. I can actually ride from my apartment to Krog street market, through the beltline, on one charge. Have to recharge at the market, though ;-)

  • My backyard is the belt-line. Part of the reason I purchased the one wheel! Super excited to get riding. If there's a one wheel Atlanta group, post it here please. I'm in the one wheel owners group on Facebook.

    Definitely interested in finding other Atlanta riders!

  • @Logic-Nerd Hey man. Welcome to the club! What are of the beltline do you live? Plan to shred down there this week as I'm off and know some cool places to ride.

  • You guys should let me know if you ever want to ride in north Atlanta. I'm in the Suwanee area and just posted a new track on onewheelbuddy called "Suwanee Park." There is a nice 1.25 mile hiking trail loop that goes alongside a disc golf course. It's such a sick ride with the onewheel! Did the whole loop 3 times on a single charge and got back 20% recharge from all of the great downhill action. Very challenging but rediculously fun.

  • @Mohican-Red That sounds sick man! Would love to join you on that - looks wet this weekend or would come on up.

  • Hey guys. I just captured my latest ride at Intrenchment Creek. Fun Ride! If you are familiar with East Atlanta Village, it is public land near it that nobody really knows about. Great place to go with your dog unleashed! Any how, check out the video at

    Also, let me know if anybody is hitting up the beltline tomorrow!

  • @Emorycullen Rad ride bro! Would love to join you here. Did you see this video I may a couple weeks back with my pup? Some of the sickest trails I have found in ATL to date.

  • To anyone that has responded on this thread shredding ATL shoot me a private message with your phone number as would love to come ride your hidden gems and I can show you ours on the hooch that we rip weekly. Live in Smyrna and we have 4 OneWheelers here. Lets grow the group.

  • @atl1wheelin Thanks man! Yeah, that video is what kinda inspired me to to get out on the onewheel with my dog! The path looks well grated for a onewheel ride as well, especially that one downhill shot of you grabbing that tree. Looks awesome!

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