Wireless earbuds?

  • With apple coming out with wireless ear buds soon I am wanting to purchase some and not sure what model/make to buy as I know alot of folks wheel while jamming tunes.

    Can anyone recommend a good pair of ear buds to use that have good battery life, affordable, easy Bluetooth pairing and ones that stay in your ears?

  • @atl1wheelin I just bought the skull candy $100 ones that have a little rubber appendage that positions in your upper inner ear to help hold in place. They sound great work awesome as hands free Bluetooth for phone while riding and they are pretty comfy. Ultimately I can only handle something in my ear for so long though. When I try to do some all night binaural beats my ears awaken feeling a little violated. As for using while riding I felt a little uneasy at first having my sense of hearing obscured. I like being able to hear the motor of the OW allways and felt naked and alone without it. Since then I have gotten used to it and can hear the motor with my feat so it's all good. On the street I find myself wanting to turn my head around during toe side turns having a look behind me to make sure no cars are bearing down on me. This feels kinda sketchy like right before you catch a heel side edge snowboarding. I also sometimes just bump my Bose SoundLink mini in my back pack and disturb the peace with some die antword! This way I can let people/bears know I'm coming like down an illegal trail for instance.0_1477660028143_14776599900261977138938.jpg

  • Nice review. Thanks. I'm going to look into these some more.

  • Here's a review of wireless headphones. Thought it might be of interest to you.

  • Can you connect with the earbuds for music and some Onewheelapp at the same time?

  • @Polle
    I agree that has always been my concern with BT devices and the disconnects. It even gets worse with multiple BT items connected. I stay with wired earbuds and use the iPhone7 adapter for best sound. To almost remove all freedom of motion issues with wired earbuds I created www.lidphones.com . I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign soon to help bring it to the masses and refine the product beyond v1.0.

  • @Polle I use my Parrot Zik virtually all the time on the OW--while connecting to the OneWheel and/or OWheelBuddy app. Pretty smooth overall. I love the Parrot Zik although this headset is certainly more than just a few earbuds. It's not cheap but I am happy with its quality and certainly the convenience. Also great to block out noise even when you're not listening to music.

  • I hang 1 or 2 wireless bluetooth speakers on my belt, generally I use both my work phone and personal phone, one BT connection for owheelBuddy and the other for the music connection.

    I have used both connections on one phone without any problem.

    For me, it's important to not block out the environmental sounds, if you spend any time near people or traffic, so I use actual speakers.


    It's also good to be able to hear the onewheel motor if it's starting to make noise.

    You can daisy chain 2 but they are in mono.

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