Tire pressure and mileage

  • Does tire pressure drastically change mileage? I havnt had a chance to check the pressure lately and I am only getting 4 miles per charge on flat pavement. Getting it checked later today. Also, my onewheel dies at 14%. Isnt it supposed to die at 1%?

  • Try leaving it on the charger for 48 hours to balance the cels. The controller determines the pack voltage by measuring one of the cels and multiplying it by the number of cels. If the measured cel is a higher voltage than the rest it can cause this kind of issue.

  • I wouldn't say it drastically changes the mileage, but it definitely is a factor on total mileage. Other known factors would be the temperature outside, the weight of the rider, and if the cells have been balanced recently.

    I would definitely recommend downloading the OWBuddy app or POWheel for android. That way, you can check the voltage in each individual cell and keep the board plugged in until the cells balance out. That may solve your issue with it dying at 14%.. it has never happened to me.

    I just recently pumped up my tire as the temp dropped here in Chicago and have been getting 6 miles again instead of the 5-5.2 beforehand. I'm 150lbs and keep the tire at 17psi.

    Hope this helps!

  • After 4-5 charges my low battery pushback starts to climb up to 3-4%. After a few weeks riding I will get low battery pushback around 12-15%. To get it all in check and low battery pushback at 1%, I leave on the charger overnight once a week to balance the cells. Become a regular weekend routine for me.

  • @slydogstroh have you ever had your lifetime mile odometer reset? I have been using POwheel and my mileage has reset twice.

  • @Ask--O-- said in Tire pressure and mileage:

    @slydogstroh have you ever had your lifetime mile odometer reset? I have been using POwheel and my mileage has reset twice.

    I've had that happen several times. That and a handful of other issues. Lol. When they replaced the controller it fixed the odo reset issue.

    This was a used kick starter board I had issues with and I have not had issues with the one I bought new in May.

  • yes the tire pressure affects performance if you read the manual the recomended pressure is 20 psi that will get you the full 8 mile

    @slydogstroh wow your tire pressure is low

  • @GazDX Yea man I recently went up to 20 psi as the cold weather was really destroying range. I get about 4-4.5mi in 30 degree weather at 20psi.. which I'm happy with.

  • I also got 4.3 miles at about 20psi, in 20 degree weather. Impressive. I ride it everywhere!!