Kelty Ascender Trunk Perfect Bag for OneWheel

  • I'm new to the group but wanted to get a bag for my Onewheel. I will post pictures later but the Kelty Ascender Trunk is almost the perfect size for this thing. I was able to get a couple for $59.00 and they are normally $199.00. It has backpack straps you can pull out and If you want you can also get the Kelty Chassis for this thing that is nice to roll it around. We took the original padded molding that comes in the Onewheel box one for top and bottom. I used padded tape first all around it and then black athletic tape and it provides super padding for this thing. Like I said I will post pics. But for me it's like they build that bag for the Onewheel and if you can get it cheap it's a great solution. Also has plenty of room on the side of the Onewheel to put helmet and safety gear. We also taped up the little cardboard that the charger came in and it fits sweet.

  • We need pics, stat!

  • REI link HERE

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  • 0_1478289007694_upload-521983a3-21c6-4d0a-980b-6dac487537a5 IMG_8051.JPG
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    0_1478289034211_upload-c06ae408-42f4-47c7-8da1-701559b48e9d IMG_8049.JPG
    0_1478289043120_upload-e0cb2d47-f236-46b2-9303-8b03c0c91bc7 IMG_8046.JPG
    0_1478289049320_upload-7f48b023-4545-44cc-a919-6f562f6d6059 IMG_8044.JPG
    0_1478289055035_upload-b37a838c-e354-4a5b-a420-aaefc762a9e7 IMG_8047-2.JPG
    0_1478289060940_upload-76ed2cb7-2561-4a1a-9297-575e6e3a36de IMG_8047.JPG

  • Hope that helps. We have 2 Onewheels and my daughter uses the Ascender chassis because she is small. That was 89 on Amazon and we got the Ascender Trunk bags from Kelty at REI for $59.00 closeout last week. If you have kept your cardboard inserts that were in the box your board came in they work great if you tape them up.. The pics show the board with the 1st insert in and one with both as well as the charger insert. I am able to load helmet pads and all gear I need. For $59.00 it's a great bag and if you add the chassis your only in it 150 and it's great to travel with. I checked it on flying and it's fully protected. I throw a padded jersey around the board when I fly.

  • @laneeric

    Which airports have you flown through? How do you reply when they ask about batteries?

  • @CarvingUphillAVL Only Flew from Houston Hobby to Phoenix but didn't even think about it now you mention it. It got there so TSA must not have done there job. Yah can't fly with Lithium I completely forgot I usually take my camera battery in my travel bag. I'm not sure in the future if this could be carried on. It's only 30x13x13 so Maybe... Whew could of lost my Onewheel right after I got it. Thanks for mentioning that to me.

  • I haven't tried it, and it's a bit more expensive, but this one looked pretty good too:

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