Selling Very Low Odometer OneWheel - North Carolina, Pictures Included

  • Pm me with offers. I put my location as North Carolina in case anyone close was interested, but i'll ship it anywhere inside the US.

    Pictures were taken right after a beach cruise, hence why it is not as clean as it should be!

    Total miles on it is 84: alt text

    I absolutely love this thing, but with college continuously taking up my time, it's hard to get rides in.

    Here are some pictures of the board:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Board is in good condition other than the initial wear and tear from the first few rides. Only problem I have had with it was in April of this year when the board got too wet from riding near waves. I sent it in, it was fixed within a week, and Onewheel replaced the footpads.

    I also have brand new bumpers and another set of footpads I can include.

    Please send me a message or reply here with any questions or offers. Thanks!

  • Bump. Anyone interested? Going to be putting it up on ebay soon.

  • Still for sale. Someone hit me up for a good deal!

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