Anyone in SantaCruz want to shred?

  • My girlfriend and I are headed to SC tonight and staying through tomorrow. Anyone want to get a OW ride in?

  • @jeffmccosker everyone is to cool of a surfer to onewheel in Santa Cruz kinda bummed me out while I was there I didn't see any other Onewheel's except for FM employees. Bombed down some trails at ucsc really fun ended up in a park below with sick bike park that we seshed and found a charge in the park. Then road to lupulos and drank sour beer recharged and wheeled back to 38th soooo much fun!!!0_1479000238415_IMG_20161107_171427-1458x1093.jpg

  • Sorry, man. I was out there today on East Cliff at the Point. I've only ever seen one other guy out on this side of town...

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