Sad to say I'm looking to SELL my OneWheel

  • I regret doing this but my current state of affairs seems to point me in this direction. Before you all hate on me for selling please understand I love my board and my past few months with it.

    However 1) Working has cut down on the hours I can use the board 2) I've realized that Michigan fall/winters also restricts usage 3) I pushed it to its limit a few days ago and fell off. The speedometer said I was going at approximately 35 MPH (Yes, I know that seems high, but that's what the App said. I'm pretty light so idk if that's possible) and it a lot lol.

    Long story short, the board itself is in perfect operating condition. Used sparingly for the last 5 months. 40 LIFETIME MILES WHICH IS NEXT TO NOTHING...THIS BABY HAS SO MUCH RIDING LEFT TO DO. The board itself is in good-great condition with normal wear from usage. It would come with the board, charger, and original box! Was hoping to sell for about 1200-1300ish (as to not lose too much money on the purchase considering its in great condition) but am willing to talk prices and shipping details

    Just want my baby to go to a good owner who will treat it right :)

    Text or call me at 248.701.1547 for inquiries or offers. Thanks so much.

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