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  • Once again we are planning to ride this weekend at the Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve, 9:30 AM Nov-19-2016
    167 Edmonds Rd, Redwood City, CA 94062. There is both paved paths and off road riding. I will have plenty of power to recharge all boards several times. Should be a super fun time as we already have several people confirmed. Txt me if you need more info 720-248-8760. -Jim


  • I'm one of the confirmed. I can provide rides from San Mateo Caltrain for up to 3 people and their boards. Text me 309-807-5858

  • Also worth noting, it's supposed to start raining Saturday around 2pm. Probably best if we try to get started around 9-9:30.

  • I can't make it Saturday, but looks like a fun spot. Sign me up for the next ride. Forecast is windy so I will be on the water :-)

  • I'll join

    edit: I've been forced to join my own birthday party, won't be able to make it

  • Also confirmed but I' can.t make it up there til about 10am. Worse case I can meet you there and play catch up.

  • Looks like the rain is moving in faster now. Looks like it's starting Friday night. Thoughts?

  • Ride relocated to deserted multi-story parking garage ;-)

  • Hehe, yeah I don't have any desire to get particularly muddy this weekend. I'm pretty sure that'll happen if we still go to the open space preserve.

  • Anyone up for a ride today. Meeting two others from San Mateo. Thinking starting with a semi casual double track ocean side then work into some trails, banks and backwood runs. Have a favorite spot right here on the coast in moss beach. My three favorite rides are only a few miles apart. If you want to try the kick pad/s,l your can Meet fellow geeks, shred OW, then chase it all down with beer. Let's do this. Thinking of meeting at the Moss Beach distillery at 12pm. The trails are less than 3 blocks away. Anyone interested in riding? I'm flexible. How about a 12pm round up. At the distillery? I can charge if your want to go big. Pleaese chime in if your interested. Helmet strongly suggested. Wrist protection is brilliant. Moss beach distillery 140 Beach Way, Moss Beach, CA 94038

  • Looks like the night of Sunday the 11th might be the best shot for Golfing under a full moon.
    Anyone around?

  • @wr420 Wish I was not out of town, night rides in your neighborhood are the best!

  • @wr420 I'm around and would be game for shredding

  • I'm free

  • @Jim - Next time!
    @GoneProBro @No - txt me and I'll send my address. I usually go out around 9-9:30 pm. Ride is 1.5 hours or so. Bring chargers, we will recharge along the way. On the streets lights are ok but lights have to be off while "golfing".
    415 VIII 7 1 VI V III 6
    water/snack/beer/420 not a bad idea

    @akraut Where you at?

  • Reporting for duty!

  • In for sure wil reach out now.

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