Why is pushback even required?

  • I understand your point of view bob, you may try to ride just below this 12mph wich is already a good speed ;) use the ow as a recreational board sport riding big curve at low speed :) and maybe found another board for more Xtreme sensation!
    This is what i think since this happen to me ;) !!!

  • pushback is a speed correction more than a warning. the accompanying attitude adjustment and weight shift is annoying and can be troublesome.

    pushback has its place but needs to be shifted along the graph. i would rather have no pushback than the current implementation.

    i'm glad that my onewheel doesn't beep for any reason. the lack of a learning scheme is also good.

  • @bobfandango curious to know how long you have been riding?
    If pushback makes you fall, I would say you are not ready yet to ride at that speed... What will happen if you hit a crack in the road or gravel/pebbles offroad?

  • @Polle said in Why is pushback even required?:

    @bobfandango curious to know how long you have been riding?
    If pushback makes you fall, I would say you are not ready yet to ride at that speed... What will happen if you hit a crack in the road or gravel/pebbles offroad?

    I agree with @Polle, pushback shouldn't make you fall. I'm guessing you're leaning too far forward to accelerate, so when pushback kicks in it's throwing you off balance. Try to ride with your center of gravity directly over the wheel, and pushback will just do what it's supposed to do and slow you down so you don't outrun the motor.

  • @Polle apples and oranges there... I can see cracks and obstacles coming, and adjust balance, weight and speed accordingly.... Pushback (if my board isn't faulty) though is something you can't see... so, going slow seems to be my only choice. Too bad too, the thing goes 0 to 13 incredibly fast. 25 years snowboard and backcountry ski exp. very little Onewheel exp.

  • I've been riding my Onewheel for about 5 months now, although have only covered about 100miles so far. The downside to a new baby is I rarely get out apart from going to work. I live in Scotland, so it's usually pouring rain and freezing when I do get a chance!

    When I first get on the board, I'm very careful... but after a mile or two, I find my feet and start going a bit faster.
    Pushback to me is simply a warning that I'm going to fast. The nose raises and tells me to slow down. It doesn't unbalance me or change anything... I simply feel my front foot lifting. At that point, I lean back, and I slow down a couple of mph. From this point it might happen several times through my ride - as I just cross over the safe zone.

    I know there are guys out there who fight it and carry on accelerating... but I'm too scared of eating the pavement!

    If pushback is making you fall off, then you're obviously doing something wrong?
    If you push through the pushback and then fall off... then it's your own fault 😂

  • @bobfandango I used to get thrown off balance by the pushback, but I changed my riding style a bit which improved it. I try to keep my center of balance over the tire, that way when the board pushes back it's just bending my knees more in the front instead of suddenly feeling like I was too far forward.

  • @bobfandango It's not really apples and oranges. Take it from us, we have hundreds of miles of experience on our boards, so we've run over a few apples AND oranges.

    You're definitely not going to see every pothole, dip, or bump ahead of time (imagine riding at night, or through thick grass). I ran over what I thought was a leaf the other day, but it turned out to be a pine cone that just rolled when I hit it and suddenly made my board stop for a half second, but I managed to stay afloat. You always have to be ready for the unexpected on these flying teeter-totters we all love so much.

    If you're riding balanced, you'll not only be ready for most any obstacle, but when pushback kicks in, it'll just gently push you back to slow you down, instead of you suddenly speeding out of control and getting launched forward.

  • Pushback is the handlebar of Onewheel.
    Without it, you'll be launched forward when you anticipate speed OW can't deliver.

    It can be a form of a sound, vibration or pushback.
    I think FM nailed it with pushback.

    Some experienced riders can ride past it and coast beyond the top speed.

    Latest firmware seems to have more sensitive pushback than earlier versions.
    Like mentioned earlier, the minute I sense the front rising,
    I slow down and stay there...

  • I think the push back concept in general is a poor concept. Its to much of a gray area of is it your balance or the board. Theres a million other ways they could give the rider notification. Led bar on top with different color leds to tell u when your close to speed limit(or have pushback and this) cost would be nothing led bars are so cheap. App integration with apple watch (vibration) One wheel is awesome but i sure hope there working on refinements.

  • @itwire
    Then you would have to look constantly at your board
    Pushback is not only a notification, but also a built in safety...

  • @fabuz Really, if you look at how the OW is designed, you'd see it is not designed for high speed. High speed you'd want on two or four wheels. Efficiency. Forward motion.
    The OW is not like that--even though speed on OW can be fun. OW is more like a seesaw. The seesaw motion is what the OW is designed for--and you can do it while riding. That is what makes it cool and unique like no other board.
    It doesn't look like that part of the OW has been exploited yet to its fullest.. We're still in the early stages of getting to know what this thing can do (that other boards cannot)

  • @itwire Pushback is both. It's the board telling you you're too far forward for it to safely keep you balanced. It's pushing you back into a more neutrally balanced position.

  • the Onewheel doesn't need any lights or chimes.

    pushback is not an alarm or an alert. it is like an airbag in a car.

    it is the computer pushing you back from a failure threshold that is constantly changing depending mass, speed, attitude. this threshold is different than the actual failure threshold which additionally depends on the limits of the tire (consider road pitch or a wet track) and actual weight distribution.

    pushback is good on a single axle vehicle like this but needs to be adjusted to make it less of a hazard in itself.

    one can ride all day at maximum speed and not need pushback but it makes the board foolproof.

    please fix pushback or let me turn it off.

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