Run away

  • Had my first run away board today. It was 2am and I went to the gas station for a bite. Pulled right up to a cop and he said, man that is cool. I said yea it's a lotta fun and took my foot off one square but it didn't disengage. Jumped off and it went flyin down hill toward street, hit curb hard, changed direction still full speed, bounced off a car, flopped around on side a bit, went upside down towards a truck, hit truck kept going hit trees flipped around hit truck again. Guy gets out, I finally caught it and turned it off. Guy prolly would have punched me if the cop wasn't right next to me. Everyone around was watching in amazement. It was horrifying.
    Possibly due to board being in cold vehicle directly before ride.

  • Oh wow, that is awful.... I've had my share of mini runaways, but nothing like that. For me, the board just doesn't shut down sometimes when I lift my heel... it can be annoying... but yeah, nothing like that epic....

  • Another argument for a leash/cut-away type setup that I think should be designed. Board gets away, leash pulls a plug and cuts power to the board.

  • @kbman
    Ive heard about that and experienced short runaways when I used to jump off instead of removing foot from sensors Maybe sensor is stuck on easier on some

  • @kbman with which footpad generation are you ridin' ?

  • @fabuz bought new in March this year. Have about 300 miles on the original pads. Have not replaced.

  • Huuum, very strange!

  • I haven't had this problem since the first few months of riding... but I have had it happen and it has happened when I let people try my board. In my experience, I would chalk this up to user error.

    Maybe switch out your footpad if you're not feeling confident about it.

  • Took it out today. No problems. Experimented with slow standard dismount, jumpung off fast and slow. All normal
    The only out of the ordinary thing that time was that it was sitting in my truck for a few hours with temps dropping from 40 to near 32. I grabbed it and immediately hopped on for a brisk 1/4 mile ride up one hill then upon the first dismount this happened.

  • Charging now

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