Insane traction upgrade for the OW

  • @akraut OK I'll see if I can swing it. I might go out tonight. Just ride to a school and mess around there for a bit then take up ride up in the hills. Prob leave around 9:30.

  • I'll be free this weekend, you can try my snow tire OW too... It's interesting, especially off-road

  • I'm up for riding tonight!! @wr420 meet at your place again? 9:30pm

  • I'm jelly of yall having this luxury of calling upon fellow riders. I'm the only one for miles around with one of these things. Had for near a year and have only seen one other board and two owners at a free concert downtown Baltimore. By the time I went and got mine, they had left. Dying for my buddy to get one but where I'm from the price tag is just too scary.
    Have a great ride everybody. Be safe
    I'm thankful today for Kyle and his baby =]

  • Well mixed review on front kick pad. Traction and foot lock is out of this world.. However at the expense of a slight delay in front foot sensor shut off. Its around a tenth of a second. I did not experience this with the grey sup traction pad that i initially tried. This could be a result of the new traction heel kick or possibly I warped the plastic plate covering the sensor when I slightly warmed it to install the trac top. My take away.. Rear trac pad with heel kick is a huge improvement in foot lock, traction and noticeable drive to the back foot. Front is even better, but I am reluctant to reccomend until I find a solution that has zero effect on front sensor. I will continue to tinker and will solve this. That being said, who's in for a single track session or two tomorrow. Im game.

  • Nice I'm down to hit some trails tomorrow .. haven't had a chance to ride with others so I'm pretty stoked! Have a happy thanksgiving y'allz :-)

  • This is that coastal loop that I have been riding. Lots of trees, single track and berms. 0_1480017598748_Brap.jpg

  • I'm in Santa Cruz over Thanksgiving would love to get in on this shredfest! Y'all can check out my concave deck concept as well. Also planning on adding this mod alongside my concave platform for dreampad!

  • Anyone up for a ride tomorrow? Thinking starting with a semi casual double track ocean side then work into some trails, banks and backwood runs. Have a favorite spot right here on the coast in moss beach. My three favorite rides are only a few miles apart. If you want to try the kick pad/s,l your can Meet fellow geeks, shred OW, then chase it all down with beer. Let's do this. Thinking of meeting at the Moss Beach distillery at 12pm. The trails are less than 3 blocks away. Anyone interested in riding? I'm flexible. How about a 12pm round up. At the distillery? I can charge if your want to go big. Pleaese chime in if your interested. Helmet strongly suggested. Wrist protection is brilliant. Moss beach distillery 140 Beach Way, Moss Beach, CA 94038

  • Count me in

  • Ya, me too.

  • Sweet look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow.

  • Not looking good for me. I'll have to wait til it comes out on DVD.

  • Officially jealous!

  • @GoneProBro WoW! Awesome pic and spot!

  • @eeg if you get this bring your charger. I have two but looks like there might be 3 of us😃

  • @akraut if you get this bring your charger. I have two but looks like there might be 3 of us😃

  • Any chance of this happening again tomorrow @GoneProBro and everybody else. We will be travelling up the coast from SC

  • @ashewheeler weather dependent. Sure. Fir me at least. What time will you be in the area?

  • I'm down, been looking for some good trails for months

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