Insane traction upgrade for the OW

  • Not looking good for me. I'll have to wait til it comes out on DVD.

  • Officially jealous!

  • @GoneProBro WoW! Awesome pic and spot!

  • @eeg if you get this bring your charger. I have two but looks like there might be 3 of us😃

  • @akraut if you get this bring your charger. I have two but looks like there might be 3 of us😃

  • Any chance of this happening again tomorrow @GoneProBro and everybody else. We will be travelling up the coast from SC

  • @ashewheeler weather dependent. Sure. Fir me at least. What time will you be in the area?

  • I'm down, been looking for some good trails for months

  • @GoneProBro At the Distillery. Parked next to a suspiciously well kitted van.

  • After trying @GoneProBro's board, I can 100% attest the to massive improvement in control. He was a mega boss and threw a kickpad on my back deck for me. I honestly can't imagine riding without it now.. crucial for going off-road imo. Thanks agin man! It was awesome meeting you and @akraut we definitely gotta link up and ride again

  • Yeah, it's definitely a different ride. I feel like you can carve way more aggressively compared to the stock board, but with the amount of street riding I do on my commute, probably not right for me.

    Regardless, had great fun with @eeg and @GoneProBro today. New areas to ride and new people to ride with. 😀

  • The only thing more fun than taking the OW to another level.... is doing so with new friends. Akraut & Eeg great to meet you both! You guys rip. I think this is something we should do again/continue. Thanks again for taking the time & making this happen.

  • @ashewheeler little rainy but allegedly clears later this afternoon. Let's me know if you want to try to sneak in a run or two. I'm always game.

  • Yo @GoneProBro we are just leaving SC headed up the 1. Sorry so last minute but if weather is good let's shred if not let's drink beers and have some wheel talk. We should be in half moon bay in about an hour or so.

  • @GoneProBro Great idea dude... Only done the back end today but so far feels great and the back foot feels so much lot more planted...

    1_1480803584977_rsz_2img_0099.jpg 0_1480803584977_rsz_1img_0101.jpg

  • @Zen.Potatoes Thank you. Huge difference. The front is even more rad!

  • This post interested me enough to do some research and see what I could come up with. I thought I'd share what I found.

    The idea to add a textured traction pad seemed to make sense if the board may be bouncing around beneath you. I found some good stock on ebay and two companies that looked promising.

    The two manufacturers were:

    • Hydro-Turf:
      Decent groove-cut options, decent patterns.
      ![0_1481700931255_6954_2.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    • SeaDek:
      Seemed promising, great buying options, but the imprinted texture is just too fine.
      ![0_1481700969549_0524_2.jpg](Uploading 100%)
      They both sent samples.

    I ordered a sheet off ebay also. I tried it out and I was happy with how it felt if I was barefoot. It also softened landing on the board when jumping etc.
    These would be the foot pads I put on if I take my OW to a beach.
    In the big picture though, I did not feel like this improved foot traction.
    ![0_1481700986082_4090_2.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    I really wanted to try some real surfboard/SUP traction pads but they have not arrived. I am sure they would work better. I am not sure how they would feel barefoot.
    These might be best for a rough trail.

    The last change was simply to go back to grip tape. I had no problem removing the original OW pad and adding some basic skateboard grip tape. This stuff normally comes in about 3'x9", sometimes larger. 9" is fine if the tape is applied vertically. I used a leather hole punch to cut out the holes for the screws. It went on without any problem. I plan to seal the front foot pad first to waterproof the switch.
    ![0_1481700997077_9033.jpg](Uploading 100%)
    ![0_1481701004683_1232_2.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    (I hope all those pictures uploaded .. forum newb, here..)

  • Forum seems to require some JavaScript that is blocked. Interferes with images.
    I'll re-post images here..

    Hydro-Turf product:

    SeaDek product:

    Traction pad material off ebay, test-installed:

    Grip tape installation, showing leather punch:

    Grip tape installed:

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