Selling a spare NIB onewheel at a discount (Los Angeles)

  • I'm scaling down my fleet from 4 onewheels to 3, and I need to either get rid of a new one, or one of my used ones.

    I feel like the depreciation on the used ones has risen since FM is shipping from stock, so instead I'm selling my 4th which is new- still in it's box after from UPS.

    I can provide you the invoice/receipt from Future motion which was $1,630.17

    If you can meet me to pick it up in LA (I'll even unbox it with you!) I'll ask $1,500 $1,300
    Shipping these things commercial can get pricey, and would reduce the value for you.

    I'll also be driving through Texas for the holidays, so if by chance you're in the lone star state and want a dropoff, I could probably make that happen.

  • in lieu of the FM blackfriday sale being 1,412.67, I guess I'll drop my price to $1300..

  • With the new onewheel pricing announced, I'll offer my New-in-box onewheel (still under warranty) for $1,200

    If you're interested in a used one, I could offer one of those cheaper, just shoot me a PM.

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