Glider for One Wheel Kickstarter- Pictures FINALLY!

  • 48 hours left in the Kickstarter and I just realized I didn't post any proper prototype pictures. So I finally got around to it; for those who backed the Kickstarter or are interested in backing the pictures below should be interesting.![alt text](image url)

  • @jtworks Is there an update on the progress of this project. And will it work on the onewheel+? Just curious.

  • Will the wheeled bumper be available by itself? I have never needed to roll around my OW, but it would be great to have a backup solution for nosedive.

  • @lieutenantglorp

    Here is a link to the glider Web page for purchase:

    I would prefer to see it perform successfully in real life, say on hard pavement, to prevent the dreaded (and recently personally experienced) nosedive. I don't see this stopping nosedive on off-road conditions but am hopeful otherwise.


  • I don't think front wheels will help in nose dive as the front tips too low.
    In fact, it may be counter intuitive.
    If the front hits down hard, OW may push backwards faster with wheels.
    Like one time I tried to take off thinking OW is on and the front hit down hard.
    If there was wheels on front, I may have kissed the ground.
    Even wheels on back may be risky if you break hard and it slips forward.
    I like the idea of having wheels to use as a dolly.
    Perhaps wheels with one way bearing might help.

  • @floaton I agree with @sonny123 , that wheels on the nose aren't likely to help nosedives. It'd be like putting wheels on the ends of a see-saw and having the other guy jump off when you're up in the air. You'll just come crashing to the ground and probably smash the wheels.

  • @thegreck
    Nose Dive Explained

    Board Stops or dramatically slows by hitting the pavement because the motor dies.

    You Are not acted upon by any outside force (newtons laws of motion) YOU fly forward board stays behind.

    Airbag will stop you... oh wait there is no airbag... :)

  • The wheels aren't in the front with this project so it doesn't matter.

  • @jeffmccosker they could be in the front if you rode it that way...

  • @jtworks Not to throw shade on innovation, but wouldn't the wheel lock up anyway during a fail/shutdown? Also, it seems you're very carefully standing it on it's end where a slight bump will knock it over?

  • I've imagined aftermarket replacement bumbers with a board-wide training roller pin made out of clear rubber with lights imbedded. In the end I think nosedive is a newbie problem. After you've logged enough time on the board it goes away almost entirely. Also the new full sized sensor is going to help reduce nosedive as well. The physics that make nosedive a possibility also allow for the incredible range of motion and flexibility of the Onewheel. It's like "oh man I'm riding on the bottom dead center of a 11" go cart tire at break neck speed I might lose balance and eat shit" or it's like "Oh man I'm carrying 13 mph of inertia gliding across all manner of surface because my center of gravity is locked over my wheel and my posture is dialed and I'm hyper paying attention to every little piece of geography in my path and I'm going to de-weight and smooth over it because only my tiny little bottom dead center of 11" go cart tire is touching and I just need to keep my weight positioned and distributed correctly to prevent the wheel from getting interupted or scrubbed out from underneath me!"

  • @aris said in Glider for One Wheel Kickstarter- Pictures FINALLY!:

    @jeffmccosker they could be in the front if you rode it that way...

    Yeah, but the OW is not symmetrical and rides completely different backwards. You're way more likely to nosedive if you put the heavy batteries in the front.

  • @jeffmccosker didn't know that - I ride switch all the time!

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