Hoosier Treaded Tire Review

  • Where to buy the tire: http://www.smileysracing.com/shopping/productDetails.aspx?i=118602&c=0

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    After putting 50 miles on the Hoosier traeded tire, I can honestly say that it's superior to the stock Vega tire in nearly every way. I'll go over the pros and cons I've found so far.

    You can see that the tire has a more rounded shape to it, and like I mentioned in a different thread, if you thought the OW felt like riding in powder before, then you need to try this tire, it rolls front to back effortlessly, even at high speed. The Vega tire is a low-to-medium speed carving machine, but the rounded tire takes that level of control and pushes it up to the 15mph range, or higher if you're feeling brave (I'm not that brave).

    With the Vega tire, making quick pivots of 90 or 180 degrees on concrete was very difficult if not impossible due to the wide slick tire gripping so well, with this narrower treaded footprint, you can pull it off with very little practice. The only downside to this narrower rounded footprint is low speed stability, below 3mph the OW is more difficult to balance. But, in theory, the narrower contact with the ground should improve mileage. The tire is also quieter than the Vega one, possibly due to the narrower contact with the ground, and softer compound, the only time you can hear the treads are when you ride on super smooth surfaces, like polished concrete or something similar.

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    One downside to the rounded tire is rubbing. As you can see, it's a real tight fit, and it still rubs just barely. I had to sand down about .5mm from the front edge of the battery housing, and even then, it wasn't enough. I wanted to ride at 15psi, so it required some modifications, but if you don't want to modify the OW, you can ride at 10 or 11psi with little to no issues. I also noticed that the sidewalls are much stiffer than the Vega tire, so low PSIs don't feel as soft as you would think, before the tire was fully broken in, even at 10psi I felt every bump I hit, it only took a few miles offroad to break it in.

    So what about the treads? they're amazing, I think people might've underestimated what treads on a one-wheeled vehicle could do, but I spent most of those 50 miles riding offroad tracks I was very familiar with on the Vega tire, and the difference was significant. In soft powdery sand that was nearly impossible to ride before, I was able to cruise at a decent speed without spinning out. On loose terrain like gravel, or dead tree branches, the softer tire compound absorbed the bumps, and gripped, allowing me to plow through it. General offroad stability is improved, partially due to the rounded shape, but also the treads.

    Overall, the only major downside is that the OW is harder to learn, and harder to balance at 3mph or below, and it might take some modding to keep the tire from rubbing, other than that, I found zero problems with this tire. The biggest piece of evidence that this tire improves the OW are my times at my favorite track, the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, with the Vega tire, my best time was 13:38.42 on one particular loop, and I was going 100% the whole time. With the Hoosier tire, I got 11:28.18 while mostly just cruising. This tire specializes in maintaining speed on loose terrain, and around corners, highly recommended. I'm not saying it'll revolutionize your riding, but it is an upgrade, I'm in the Bay Area if you're interested in taking it for a test ride.

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    -Round shape makes carving easier, even at high speeds
    -Treads give better grip on loose terrain
    -Softer tire compound is quieter
    -Narrower footprint grants better offroad stability

    -Might rub against the battery compartment
    -Might void your warranty
    -Sometimes smashed bug parts get stuck in the treads

    Where to buy the tire: http://www.smileysracing.com/shopping/productDetails.aspx?i=118602&c=0

  • Looks interesting. One of my boards has a slow leak and this would be a good excuse to try this tire out. Where are you in the bay? I'm in San Mateo/San Francisco.(not at the same time)lol

  • Cool! I'm gonna swap my tire for next year, be great for the pump track. Thanks for the review!

  • @No thanks for being the guinea! Definitely pulling the trigger on this for my extra wheel! Im all excited to have a dedicated trail wheel and to experiment with a different shape tire! Another OW chapter Im totally captivated!!!

  • @wr420 I'm in Los Altos, thanks to college I'm pretty busy til Friday, but Thursday I'll be in San Mateo between 3 and 6pm, near that park with the Japanese-style garden, are you familiar with it?

  • i dont know if id want to go down a hill like this with a wheel like that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baOnPgf8cbc&feature=youtu.be

  • @kelp i love your link ;)

  • Thanks for researching! Will a fender still fit? There was a previous concern of rocks and such getting wedged between treads and board. Looks like the treads are too small to catch a significant rock. What has been your experience?

  • @No I live very close to Central Park and the Japanese tea garden. I can meet you there around 5:30-6 or let me know if there is a better time/place.
    four one 5 8 7 onesixfive 36.

  • @wr420 said in Hoosier Treaded Tire Review:

    @No I live very close to Central Park and the Japanese tea garden..

    Almost thought you're in NYC.
    I would've joined. :)

  • @CarvingUphillAVL I ordered a fender from @njcustom late last week, I'll update the thread after running some tests. When the tire was first installed, it kicked up a lot of junk, maybe the rubber was fresh and extra grippy, I'm not sure, but after a few miles offroad that stopped, and it didn't kick seem to kick up any more than the Vega tire did, infact, it might kick up less junk due to the tighter fit between the tire and board. Typically the treads+tight fit will destroy/deflect any large debris.

    @wr420 how about 5:30 at the giraffe statue?

  • @fabuz haha exactly! its hard enough with a wide flat slick! xD

  • @wr420
    I agree that if able to have Two OW boards to ride, a good solution is the on road slick Vega and then the off road Hoosier. I would be a bit cautious going too fast on a lower contact tire for hard packed surfaces......

  • Thanks for the thorough review. I'm getting my second OW today and considering a Hoosier for it.. I'm in Palo Alto btw if you ever wanna ride with a neighbor :-)

  • @eeg Sounds good man, where do you usually ride? have you tried any of the horse trails?

    Forgot to mention where I purchased the tire...


    There are 3 different rubber compounds, I got the softest one, something to consider when thinking about how long it'll last. Next time I replace the tire I'll probably go for the medium version.

  • @No Sounds good. See you Thursday at 5:30.

  • Just want to chime in on this tire. I met @No and he let me try it out and I really like it. I feel like it's a lot more responsive to turning inputs than the slick and rolling from heel to toe has a more linear/smooth feel. We traded boards and rode around for a bit and when I got back on mine it felt like going from a sports car to a minivan. One thing to note for people interested is that it comes in several compounds. The one @No has is the softest and it feels like foam(really), super soft and sticky. We agreed that a harder compound will serve the same function but last longer.
    He also made his rear deck concave by sanding it which I also liked.
    Thanks again @No

  • @wr420 Yea.. I've been on the Hoosier wheel for about 60 miles, riding on the flat tire again was strange, there were several times where I just couldn't take a turn as fast as you with the rounded tire. The worn out treads have me worried though, I might swap out the tire a lot sooner for the harder compound. And you're welcome, glad I could get a second opinion just to make sure I'm not crazy lol

  • @No said in Hoosier Treaded Tire Review:

    The worn out treads have me worried though

    Are the threads coming out after 60 miles??

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