I have to unscrew my footpad every time my OW gets wet.

  • Without fail, every time I ride in the rain or through too many puddles or rinse off the OW, the next time I take it out, it won't start. That is, it'll power on, but the wheel will slide easily back and forth on the ground. The app shows the "Need Personal Space" error. I unscrew the sensor footpad and then screw it back in, and then it works again.

    Does this happen to anyone else?

  • @RLY

    it gives that prompt if the footswitch is engaged when booting up.

    maybe your footpad has warped or swelled.

  • @mrb I don't have any issues after a dry ride, though. And once I unscrew and re-screw, it works fine.

  • @RLY perhaps some moisture is in the pressure pad and completing the circuit. The 2 sides of the pressure switch are joined together via moisture and the OW thinks someone is on board when you turn on the switch. It gives the personal space error. Movement and activating the switch for real with your feet causes it to clear. Then when you restart the OW with a clear pressure pad, everything is fine. Something similar happen to me when mine got a bit wet. I jumped off, but the OW just kept running since the moisture was completing the pressure sensor circuit. Hopefully this makes sense to you.

  • @jerimiya I'm one of the least technical people I know. What I get from your post is that if you move the board around and stand on the sensor pad, that should fix the problem. I've tried that - and it doesn't. Only unscrewing and re-screwing fixes it. In the past I've even removed the bumper and lifted up the footpad and looked underneath it, and sprayed the area with compressed air -- but none of that turned out to be necessary. I just remove the four screws - test it - and then put the four screws back in.

    Next time I'm going to try removing just three screws. Does anyone have a much faster alternative to the Allen wrench?

  • @jerimiya

    I agree.
    Try pressing the sensor by hand while turning OW on. It'll give the same message.
    Possibly when you remove the pad, it clears out.
    New pad might fix it.

  • @RLY I noticed the sensor switch is potted with silicone
    Check that to make sure it's not compromised - also if this a capacitor style pressure switch could be water intrusion and needs to dry out . I'm going to TTP shrink wrap my connectors , that will help with moisture instrution . If the board does a health check on the sensor also may be a factor.

  • Please let me start by admitting that I am a little anal and I avoid water any time I can. I have had my OW for about a year. I SIMPLY LOVE IT. However, I notice about every 3-4 months of riding the front footpad sensor starts acting up.(won't engage with full foot contact) I Install a new set and 4 months later same problem. I'm on my 3rd set.

    I got curious one day and peeled back the grip tape on the old quirky sensor and discovered it was full of water and debris.

    It appears that the thin black double sticky tape that seals the foot sensor was not anywhere near sealed. I sent this info and pictures to OW and never heard back. (makes me wonder if it has anything to do with the current foot pad being "Out of stock") Gut feeling is they are redesigning the current version as I can honestly say it is hands down the least impressive feature of the OW.

    If your curious and have an old set of footpads laying around. I suspect that if you peel off the deck traction you will see something like I did..... PS. take a look at how well/poorly the black seal is. Look at the first picture 10% seal at best and it doesn't even come close to maintaining a complete seal around the entire border.

    0_1481310214706_oneclose.jpg Peeled off the grip tape and saw this.. I Think this might have a negative effect performance.

    0_1481310223899_Oneriddle.jpg Wait how did water & dirt this size get in here?

    0_1481310230947_oneproblem.jpg Yep, wet dirty sensor might not function properly!

  • I wonder if your deck is warping from the water. Kind of a long shot but the wood warping should effect the sensor and unscrewing/loosening it could allow it to relax back to its original shape(flat).
    Ya, long shot, I know,

  • Had the same problem. I let the sensor-footpad dry in front of the oven, when it did work again i sealed the line next to the sensors with silikone, so water cant enter anymore. No problem since then.

    Btw how did you get der griptape of?

  • Hey guys, since the above picture is posted, now is a good time for me to explain what I did to my sensor.

    Peel the sensor off the wood carefully, apply black Gorilla tape under the gray portion of the sensor to the deck, apply sensor and discard the stock grip tape. Apply after market grip tape over the sensor leaving a strip of backing on the grip tape to contact the sensor. No water issues and I get guaranteed contact with the sensor. My grip tape goes to the edges of the deck.

    @RLY Open your connector panel and make sure your sensor connector is fully connected, just a thought.

  • @Earthpilot Hi Mate,
    Any photos of the repair, gorilla Tape and finished deck?

  • I tried to upload it and I can't do it. Just pull the sensor up apply tape to the deck, place sensor on it and apply grip tape. The sensor becomes visible under the tape being raised up by the tape under it. It works great

  • I remember seeing this post but only now am I seemingly having the same issue after two weeks of vaca while riding the beach each day, getting the board covered in sand/salt water, and finishing with a quick fresh water rinse. The board has performed amazingly but now the sensor is shorting or something as it randomly engages but mostly not. Seems like if I can get it going then it keeps working as only one sensor needs to be activated over .5mph and only one sensor must be defective. Thankfully everything seems to be working fine besides this. Sounds like I could fix the current sensor pad like you describe but I do have an extra new one at home that I'll try first.

  • Just pulled the sensor grip tape back and yes there is plenty of moisture while being mostly clean otherwise. Well at least i got almost two weeks of amazing beach riding before this. Next trip I'll have to take more precaution and bring an extra new sensor just in case.

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