The ultimate Onewheel travel/storage bag now available

  • It's been a busy old time at P4MT what with shipping bespoke designed bags and handles around the world to fellow Onewheelers and we've been listening to the constructive feedback coming in and we've designed the next generation kit bag for the Onewheel the OPB2.

    We're taking orders now!

    The OPB2 bag is the 2nd generation Onewheel bag designed exclusively for the Onewheel. Its been redesigned with more space inside to carry other luggage, carrying straps are wider for a more comfort, includes a waist belt for extra stability, a 'tuck away pouch' for storing all straps when travelling. And finally we've redesigned the wheel assembly for smoother transportation when pulled with the Onewheel onboard and added extra handles for easier lifting.

    This is a rugged kit bag designed to store and transport your Onewheel like no other bag on the market. It's a totally unique bag for the Onewheel and it will not disappoint

    We have a number available for Europe only customers but we are looking at a US distribution set up which will allow quick shipping to US & Canadian customers

    We can produce to individual specifications and colours just let us know what you're after.

    Prices start from £235 plus shipping

    For some reason can't upload the photos but here's a link to a Facebook link to a post with some

  • @Jimmers75 I get an error that I don't have permission to view the post when I click over to your facebook link.

  • You're killing with that price tag man...
    I use mine in a camping backpack I bought used for $30... I guess it doesn't have as much protection as yours but I put some towell around and that does the job.... but I like your design and the intention... just that price is too much

  • Pretty much all things of high quality are pricy! Thank god we still have people that are willing to make quility shit. So tired of junky stuff that lasts less than 6 months. Bravo @Jimmers75 !

  • @mathfreire there's the Onewheel and there's the rip off Chinese replicas! Both offer the same experience but for those of us who care about quality we choose the Onewheel for a reason

    This bit of kit is no different and as it stands today they aren't going to suit every Onewheel owner's budget, I know that however these bags are hand made by a production team in Europe who build cases for extremely sensitive camera equipment that costs ten times what the Onewheel does, you pay for you get and these bags protect a Onewheel like no other bag because they are totally bespoke built.

    Just like the side handles we produce that cost up to $60 a piece we produce genuinely premium equipment, unique to the Onewheel that is built to match the high build quality of the Onewheel.

  • Jimmy,

    I'm in the USA and would like one. I sent you an email. I look forward to talking more with you about this bag. Nice photos!

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