Laser-Cut Aluminum Stand!

  • I just had a production model made for a stand I designed, and I'm pretty stoked on how it turned out. It's nice and compact and super lightweight, but it's also really sturdy. And it would ship flat (some assembly required) to keep down shipping costs. It looks so nice, my wife actually lets me keep my Onewheel in the living room now! (see photos below)

    I still have a few tweaks I want to make for the next version, but before having any more produced I wanted to post here to try and gauge interest. It's a bit expensive just to have one made, but if I have enough manufactured at once, I think I can sell them for around $60 (plus shipping) apiece. Anyone think they'd be interested?





  • @thegreck

    I like it. I think it needs little more angle.

  • @sonny123 It actually doesn't. More angle would just put more stress on the stand and make it more likely for it to flip over backwards.

    I'll try post a video demonstrating how sturdy the stand is, but in the mean time you can try this: stand the Onewheel on the floor vertically and you'll see that it naturally wants to fall opposite the grip tape, simply because of how it's weighted. So, just slightly more than a 90 degree angle works perfectly (just like if you lean it up against a wall).

  • I like it! I think it'd be worth the $60 (+/- $10) for it :)

  • @thegreck : You might consider offering custom versions for an additional cost. Let people send you their own cutout pattern to combine with your outer profile, or cut some custom text into it. I like your design!

  • I'll take 2

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