Choose shoes!

  • Due to it apparently being some kind of rain season over here now, and to unfortunately slow shipping from FW (no fender for me yet), I made a choice.
    So today home from work, I used my winter boots. Because my cloth shoes were completely soaked when I got to wok in the morning.

    They are anything but flat, but it worked very well.


    I guess what I really wanted to say was, flat shoes might be good, but are by no means a requirement.
    To be fair, I'm experienced so that might help, but still.
    My commute can be seen in the video section if you wonder about that.

  • @germx Dude, you need a fender ;-)

  • @jim I really do. I really, really do.
    Unfortunately, I ordered it 09/21/2015, and it still hasn't arrived. It's basically worse than buying stuff with free shipping from china on ebay.
    Not too happy about that really.

  • I like high tops laced tight.. Same as snowboarding..

  • @germx Damn I thought the fenders would be a quicker ship :-/ I ordered mine on Oct. 30th... I guess I still have a ways to go!

  • @braswell "We recently switched to a new fulfillment center and it took them a few weeks to figure out international shipment." But at least they sent it a week ago, so it's supposed to be here by Monday.
    But yeah, I thought so too.

  • You are a OW mercenary!

  • Only solid shoes didn't help for me, my pants were soaked up to my crotch on both sides for a couple of times!
    Fortunately I now already have my fender now :)

  • @Polle Well I found a pair of rain pants that I use on the outside of my jeans. Now riding is rather comfy even without the fender. But when I arrive, I need to hose the board and my pants :D
    Fender coming on Monday!

  • So, a little slow on the updates, because it's really not that interesting.
    However, it's a slow day on the forum, so might as well.

    My fender arrived the following Monday as promised. Had them deliver it to work instead, since I wasn't home. The UPS guy had no problem with that.
    Since the weather was dry in the morning and I was expecting the fender, I did not bring my rain pants.
    Mother nature promptly responded to my new acquisition with some heavy rain for my ride home.
    Kinda funny to get home and the inside (towards the wheel) of the shoe/pants is dry, while the outside (facing forward while riding) is wet.
    Maybe we could make a mini-fender to put on the front end of the board to keep shoes dry in rain? No? Well it was a thought.

    A definite and awesome improvement anyway. I still ride despite weather, but now I only worry about having enough warm clothes.

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