• this board has 150 studs in the stock tire in an alternating chevron pattern. each stud protrudes around 2mm above the surface.


    i can now ride where i could only spin the slick before--conditions far slicker than the wet grass pictured.

  • @mrb Well that's a mod I'll never be doing myself haha! Sounds like it's working out for you though, so that's cool!

  • good times

  • Nice! I put a treaded tire on mine, it really helped a lot with loose terrain and sand

  • How is this done, out of curiosity? With a Bedazzler?

  • @mrb I take it this OW is for off road only? How long are the studs/screws? Do they go all the way through the tire and slime is stopping the leak? or do they not go all the way through?

  • @No
    i saw your tire and am interested. they would work even better with spikes. are there knobbier tires with a similar diameter? i would be willing to give up some float and even some width for an off-road tire.

  • @wr420
    the studs are about 8mm with 6 in the tread. i would guess i am a hair short of completely penetrating but did not hit slime.

  • @thegreck

    these spikes were screwed in from the outside.

  • it is really a pleasure to ride again.

    i enjoy the spikes in low traction even more than the slick on the road. i can now predictably pull off fat slides.

    i will have to get my trousers cuffed to keep from getting shredded.

  • @mrb I've been searching for months for compatible tires with the OW, the Hoosier wheel I'm using is the best and only alternative I've seen unfortunately. The size of the OW tire is odd, and has a limited selection, even the Hoosier tire isn't even an exact match, but it just happens to work with some modifications.

    One option for getting more grip would be a softer rubber compound, the tire I'm using is extremely soft, it almost feels like hard foam, and it has a lot of bite offroad, adding studs to it for the slippery stuff would probably work well.

  • @No
    thanks for the info. i'm gonna get a tire like yours and save it for the summer.

  • i've gone a few miles with this tire want to report.

    i have tested this on dry and wet grass, slick leaves, frosted trails, sand, loose soil, packed soil, gravel, asphalt, cement, and have run over hundreds of roots, bones and boulders. i've taken some drops of less than 5 inches onto hard surfaces with no issue. i've managed a couple of passes over a slimy wooden bridge which would have been difficult to walk across. when going forward and reverse, uphill and downhill, when turning and carving, picking up speed or braking--the spikes are indispensable.

    i have tested low and high pressures and the tire holds air just as before. i have not noticed any unusual wear and have not lost any spikes. there is no rubbing.

    there are still spots where i lack traction and spin out but the spikes eventually grab and i can pull out. sometimes there is not enough traction to add or scrub speed, but still enough to keep from touching down, when there wasn't before. i can manage long skids even with wheelspin. there is now enough tooth to push the wheel back in line when it steps out.

    the ride is better in every way. i expect that i'll continue to appreciate the benefits of the spikes even in the summer. i am running high pressure but can ride in conditions where the board was useless before.

    i recommend a set of spikes to anyone who rides off-road. it's like night and day.

  • i took a couple of pictures of my tracks today for your information. one shows long controlled skimming along some super-saturated soil sitting in a mountain spring. the spikes tamed the wigglyness just enough to make this possible.


    the tendency of he board to wiggle out of line and the sound coming off the surface (pssssh) was like wakeboarding. in this case the wheel felt more like a ball. the battery died during the last pass and i did very long tailslide.

    the other shows the wheel unexpectedly stepping out about one tire width and then grabbing for a successful exit. i can purposely do horizontal slides of a few feet and then exit in any direction i like. i touched the ground with my hand a few times today but didn't eat any mud.


  • there were spots where the stock slick would spin in place when getting going from zero, even with minimum throttle. with the spiked tire,there is enough grip that this doesn't happen. what happens now in that spot is the motor stalls out and stops self-balancing.

    it seems like the motor has little power off the line and benefits from some slip at the tire to get going. i guess that the motor has enough power from zero but the programming limits the initial acceleration to prevent wheelspin.

    have you had similar non-starting experiences with your traction upgrade?

  • @mrb Yea, but primarily in soft sand, I haven't ridden in sloppy mud yet. With the Vega I'd usually just tip forward as the tire spun out in the sand, now it grips and "stalls" out

  • @mrb Link to type of spikes used? Are they just short screws?

  • @thegreck

    this is what i happened to use:

    it took me less than an hour all-in to install them.

    a handful of short slotted screws with sharp hex faces abd tall threads would quickly take you from slip to grip for a few pennies. consider how you want to ride and decide on a pattern. why not start with a loose pattern and incrementally fill it out to meet your traction requirements? clock the faces.

    if your screw penetrates all the way, drain the slime and put in a bit of latex sealant. i would guess you could even extract the screws later and let the sealant plug the holes.

  • @mrb I'd like to see a pinhead pattern every 1/4" or 5mm square grid. It would look so goth!

  • Dang, looks like someone beat me, by about a year 😂. Looks like I need to add way more studs as well. Of course the moment I add studs, it rains and washes away all the ice.0_1513695970710_20171218_19393013.jpg

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