first run, newb, no fails!

  • I wanted to thank all of you in the community. I had been drooling over the OW for a year now and finally got the balls to press the purchase button! I just got it today and took it to a parking lot during a lunch break. The pricetag was steep, but well worth every damn penny!

    As most people have mentioned, it takes about 1 minute to get your 'wheel-legs', but once you do, the ride is amazing! I am in my late 30s now, but having grown up surfing, skating and snowboard, i was able to get the hang of it quickly. The board just begs to be ridden and is very intuitive.

    One of my coworkers, who never learned to ride a bike, skate, etc, was able to do a full lap without falling within 5 mins! +1 OW!

    My only problem will be my ego. I already feel like i can push it much faster than i should be able to at this point! I have purchased a triple 8 gotham helmet w/ mips and 888 wrist pads. Should i look into other pads as well?

    I did notice that in the mid speeds (guessing about 10-14mph), i heard a creek'ish sound in the board, is that normal?

    thanks and cant wait to get off work tonight to make another run! I feel like this thing was made for me.

  • @sideone
    Welcome to the OW Family. If the board was in extreme mode and lifting/ pushing back the front toward you then it was at about 12 MPH and the software alerting you to that. I really suggest getting WheelBuddy. It is a great added value app for the iPhone. Now there is a version for Android too.

  • thank you for the advice! I am not really sure which mode i was in. I will get the app now. Are software upgrades available for the board itself?

    thanks for the welcome! im very very psyched to be here!

  • i remember my first onewheel.

  • @mrb First? How many are in your fleet now?

  • @sideone said in first run, newb, no fails!:

    I am not really sure which mode i was in.

    In that case, you were probably in Classic mode (the default). Switch to Extreme mode. It's not really extreme. Browse these forums, and you'll see why it's recommended by virtually everyone, even for novice riders.

  • Welcome to the family!!

  • @badcheese I just finished the second run in extreme mode. What a difference! Once you go extreme, you can't go back to classic!

    I think the name, extreme, may stop some newbs from switching,but it's so worth it!

    I did get a code 6 when trying to start the board in soft grass. The unit needed to be rebooted to continue. Is that normal?

    Thanks all!

  • @njcustom I drank the koolaid,im hooked!

  • Just went on my first ride. Did some great push back bails including one I ran out at about 11 mph. Lol. I agree extreme is much easier. I was getting pushback in classic way too easily. So when the nose pushes back and then suddenly dives is the worst case scenario I see on this thing. I only had one actual crash and of course it was in front of people. It claimed a nice pair of Levi 501s. Big ole rip down the left leg. R.I.P.

    This thing is just all kinds of awesome. I was waaaay more comfortable on it after a full ride. I kept wanting to steer it like a snowboard but the OW is more subtle than that. I feel like Marty McfuckinFly right now.

  • @Jak Funny you should say that Mr. McFly. I had this scene in my head while cruising today.
    Those other electric boards have no chance against the OW Pitbull!

    Im psyched someone else is starting on the OW at the same time as i am. We can compare notes if you would like. Whats your board background? riding style?

    This damn OW is addictttinggg.. On my fourth run today, i found my balls. I was pressing speeds, running over speedbumps, trenching grass, and maintaining slow speeds while talking with people walking by. As everyone says, this thing gets some looks. Even though the board already feels like an extension of my body, the wheel feels a bit wobbly at all speeds, as if it were loose and swaying side to side. Could this be a PSi issue?

    BTW, extreme mode rocks, i feel as if i wasted an hr today while i was unknowingly in classic mode.

    ** Oh and points for the led flashlight on the OW.

    Day 1: Success : learned a lot. Mellowed out and had some fun with no fails.

  • @Jak Great to hear your story. As a general safety idea I would recommend that you start pushing for faster speeds and steeper carving at the moment you master two things. 1. You are able to stand still on the onewheel and keep your balance for at least 30 seconds. 2. You are able to come to a full stop, dismount by lifting one foot. Enjoy!

  • @ltl Yeah the dismount is getting better. I can stand still pretty easily but heel turns are still an issue for me. Went for a quick cruise today on my lunch and it felt way better. I have to remember to trust the board's gyros and not try to balance the thing myself. The OW feels more and more natural every time I take it out.

  • @sideone I felt a huge difference in smoothness at 19 PSI versus the 16-17 psi I had in it when I first rode it. I bought myself a nice little digital gauge for accuracy because I think even a PSI or two difference is huge when you're on just one tire. Just my $.02 from my very limited experience thus far. My wife and I just re-watched BTTF 2 a couple weeks ago. Such a classic. FYI, I've always been a snowboarder. Never surfed much. Longboarded a bit in college. Avid motorcyclist. The wife and I are expecting our first kiddo next year so the OW is my effort to keep me off the motos a bit. You?

  • Picture of dead Levis. Lol. OW takes no hostages. It's been real cold here in Sacto so I was wearing a baselayer luckily. 0_1481179547456_IMG_20161206_165457088.jpg

  • @sideone totally with you on re the "extreme" label and how it may scare newbies. I've written it elsewhere but will say it again: "sensitive" feels more fitting to me.

  • @Jak thanks for the response. I have dropped the psi to 14-15psi from 20. The ride is exactly what i was looking for! I just need to find a solution for inflation/gauges. I do have a bike pump w/ gauge, but it is tough to position the valve for this method. I had used the $1.00 air pump at the gas station, but with the psi stick starting at 10psi, its a bit tough to use.

    Which digital gauge are you using?

    Ill check through the forums, im sure others have suggestions for the pump.

    Graters on your upcoming kiddo. Im getting a bit older now and now im in my late 30s, so i boarding style has def changed from when i was in my teens/20s. I grew up in miami, so lots of small wave surfing, some skateboarding, rollerskating (lots of quad, some inline) and snowboarding every year or two.

    I look forward to hearing about some more of your runs.

  • @SaturnOne said in first run, newb, no fails!:

    @sideone totally with you on re the "extreme" label and how it may scare newbies. I've written it elsewhere but will say it again: "sensitive" feels more fitting to me.

    yeah, everyone who hears about my change from classic to extreme always seems to have the same response... Oh, you've had the board for less than a week and you're already extreme??? (Doritos meme, etc.) Then i have to tell them about the differences and they get it. But a different name should really clear that up.


  • @sideone Me and a lot of other experienced riders on this forum have spent the past year + trying to spread the word for people to never ride in Classic and to switch to Extreme immediately. But I guess we've been wasting our internet breath because apparently people don't do any research before riding, they just ride in default mode, crash hard, and when they get out of the hospital, THEN they get on the forum after it's already too late.

  • @thegreck I'm with you though it seems hard to blame the riders on this one, given the label (extreme).. Sounds more like a message for FM.

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