Waterproofing your OW

  • ok so I'm a beach rider and one thing I don't want to do is to ruin my one wheel By dunking it in the ocean but shit happens . So I'm on a quest to make it waterproof or at least the best I can. I will probably have to void the warranty in the process to pot the electronic boards but hey no risk no reward. Will share my journey with you.
    One thing I noticed off the bat there hole on the controller and battery side that's covered up by breathable sticker . Water would just flow into those areas real easy. Definitely plugging that up, beach riders may want to put stickers or surf wax over them , the power port and power button , less chance of water getting in.

  • Yeah I'd like to hear more on this from some of the experts who have taken apart the electronics casing. I've avoided beach riding because of all the horror stories I've heard on this forum about their Onewheels dying after doing it. Would be nice if there was a way to be sure no water would get where it shouldn't go.

  • I rode mine in the waves completely submerged 😂😂😂 some dogs chased me and forced me into the ocean.. it was awesome!!

  • @njcustom my detailed write up with pics is in the tech forum - same title

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