Sold out!

  • Has anyone noticed that the foot pads are now showing as "sold out" on FM website. ? Sounds more final than just " out of stock"

    Bit strange don't you think?

    New style ones coming soon maybe?

  • New style would be great... although I have no problem with them now

  • My board has been in for a "tuneup + reload" pack for about 2 weeks now. When I asked about the status (2 weeks feels like forever) a woman named Carly replied with this:
    "Hi Andrew,

    Our apologies for the slight delay. We are currently awaiting our next shipment of footpads and it will be 1-2weeks before their arrival. Your board is otherwise complete and ready to ship back to you." .......

    I told her to ship it back already!!!! Luckily I have a few extra footpads laying around. :D

  • So sounds like just an inventory issue, not a new footpad style or anything.

  • @slydogstroh that's good news. We can't be running out of spares.. just wondered why out of stock was not used. I have a nice new set still in the presentation box, holding off until the weather gets better before using along with new bumpers.

  • @slydogstroh They received mine on 11-25 and sent me the same email with the exact wording last week. Instead of waiting 8 days looks like we're going a month with no board. Sucks bcuz I actually use it for transportation to work. Uber has been kicking my ass 😭

  • @HoverHooligan Same. My life is simply not as fun without taking my board to work every day. Although... I wouldn't be taking it to work these days anyway considering it's literally in the negatives here in Chicago right now.
    I'll stick to the CTA and get back at it when it's 40 degrees plus.

  • @slydogstroh I've been riding mine to work for past few days and it's gone between -13 down to -21C and OW still works great (albeit, reduced range,but it still is enough for me). I think I'd get around 4-5km out of this battery at around -18C~

  • @Larklen Unfortunately, I'd have to make it 5.5 miles each way to work. For the summer it's amazing, but when it's this cold I'd rather just hop on the bus a block away and get to work nice and warm.

  • @Larklen Holy crap you're onewheeling in negative degree temperature?! I live in Redondo Beach, California so I guess a onewheel is an easier year round mode of transportation here. A light sweater and I'm good 😊

  • I was riding in negativ temps aswell. But now its getting icy and snowy, so i decided to let it rest until spring.

  • @HoverHooligan Oh don't worry, I'm bundled up as well! But it works a lot better than I thought it would - we've been lucky and have only had a limited amount of snow, so it's already pretty packed down or gone in areas of high foot traffic.

    not looking forward to future snow days, thats for sure!

    @slydogstroh Ah yes, in that case are better off sticking with the CTA - don't want to get stuck carrying a dead OW in cold weather!

  • I'm in Southern California, and I forgot to wear a jacket when I left this morning. It was kind of a chilly ride, but I'm thinking forgetting your coat wouldn't even be a possibility where you guys are.

  • Hawaii is always 80... couldn't imagine -18c!!!! I get cold at 65

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