[SOLD] Lightly used OneWheel for sale - Las Vegas

  • I'm a kickstarter backer, so I've had the board since late November of last year. I live in a highrise and don't have a great place to ride, so as much as I love it, I'm just not riding it enough. Looking for a new home for it, and just maybe I can make someone out there's holiday a little more awesome. Happy to share my original email confirmation with interested parties so you know it's not stolen or anything shady like that. I also have a couple of videos of me riding it so you can see it's all functioning properly.

    Blue onewheel + ultra charger. I put green slime in the tire, as recommended by futuremotion. I've probably only ridden through about 5-10 charges, so it's not too far from new. There are some scratches etc. from when I first learned to ride (see pictures for detail), but even if you get a brand new onewheel, I can almost guarantee yours will look similar after a few rides. The tire looks a little beat up, it picks up a lot of little rocks, but I think that's just life with a soft tire - it holds air great.

    If you want the helmet (pictured) I can also make that happen.

    I've seen quite a few of them sell on here, so I know there's a pretty decent market (and can avoid giving ebay a 10% cut). To be upfront, I'm hoping to get most or all of my original outlay back, so please no lowball offers.

    I'm located in Vegas, willing to ship in the US only. I can also potentially hand-deliver in SoCal (LA area) as I will be there Thanksgiving weekend.

    Message me with offers or any other questions.

    0_1447381738966_2015-11-11 12.39.06.jpg
    0_1447381751090_2015-11-11 12.37.57.jpg
    0_1447381758150_2015-11-11 12.37.10.jpg
    0_1447381766424_2015-11-11 12.44.12.jpg
    0_1447381772475_2015-11-11 12.44.18.jpg
    0_1447381779658_2015-11-11 12.44.49.jpg

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  • Sold. Thanks all.

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