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  • Needed battery case and cover mine is almost worn through, help!!!!

  • What do you do with your OW? :)
    Can you post a picture?

  • I have had the onewheel for quite while now and have been riding mostly off road, a lot of snow and mud. I did install a fender that helped a lot with the general mess that would develop on the foot pads foot pads. This may have contributed to the abrasion on the battery case. I notice the wear during my last tire change. On inspection, I notice that the cap screws that are used to secure the the top cover were exposed. The plastic that keeps these screws captive were almost gone , The leading edge of the case cover worn to point where three of the threaded inserts were starting to become compromised. The case wall its self was very thin. The whole integrity of the case was compromised. I manage to reinforce the case with J B Weld (epoxy). A fairly good fix but I fear that the damage was to extensive and this fix will only be temporary.

    A note to other OW owners do an inspection as soon as possible. Wear can be notice with out the tire being removed, look close, remove the foot pad (the one with out the sensor) now you can see the the leading of the cover. Moister in the battery compartment could change your out look on life dramatically.

    Battery cover and case need.

    Thanks Craneguy

  • @Polle said in Spare parts:

    Can you post a picture?

    Guess the answer is no.

  • Working on pictures, but I am pretty sure this problem is because of the high mileage of the board running surface (dirt mud sand and snow.) and the fender really closes down the clearance.

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