How to paint a onewheel?

  • What's the best way to paint a OW?

    I just want the metal bar to be matte black?

    Would this good or should I use a reflective black?

    Note: this will not void the warranty as long as you don't paint over the serial number.

  • It sounds like youre asking for ways to give the blue metal frame a black finish.

    I have seen people apply a skin to the frame. If this is done parts should be removed (foot pads, bottom covers, etc). In the video I saw the guy just applied it on top and cut carefully, which seems like a terrible way to go. An advantage of skinning it is that you can add a texture.
    I have also seen people spray paint it (another YouTube video). Since the metal is porous I would expect the right paint would adhere very well. There are paints that are designed to work on metal surfaces. Again, remove parts and then mask out what you can't. I would think this is the most practical. Since the factory blue is anodized I do not believe there is a concern for removing the existing coloring before painting.
    Since the frame is aluminum I might guess the absolute best way to color would be to anodize it. I have never done this before; I could not say how hard it would be to do this but I think it is involved.

    If I was to paint my frame, I would probably go for a flat black.

    I believe taking the frame apart will not void the warranty since you can leave the control box intact. I have not tried to disassemble the battery section.

  • @Zluz @zonk117 I used black carbon fiber wrap and did not remove anything. Turned out fine that way without any trouble. I don't think you need to go through the hassle of taking the board apart if you are just wrapping it. Took me 15 minutes maybe start to finish.

  • @ahxe45 can you post a link the type you used and maybe explain a little more how you did that?

  • @zonk117 you can find it either online like amazon or ebay or any automotive store should carry carbon fiber wrap. Make sure you are not getting the tape that just looks like carbon fiber and it actually is carbon fiber wrap.

  • @zonk117

    Black Vinyl Wrap (enough for 3 applications):

    How to wrap the Onewheel:

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