For sale Brand New Onewheel

  • Hey guys, quick story

    I preordered 2 OW's 1 for me and my GF, both will be arriving Monday :)

    However! Out of impatience and impulse I bought a 3rd - which I discovered at a local shop 2 weeks ago (just wanted to get to riding ASAP, but of course with my luck it turned out to be defected :-1: and is currently being sent back to FM for repairs) either way! now I have an extra one...

    Obviously this is a great opportunity to bypass a 12-14 week waiting list

    Accepting offers via messaging only. I'd ship anywhere in the world if the price is right. Shipment would be out as soon as I receive payment.

    Photos will be posted Monday once I receive my shipment, but again this would be brand new in box!

  • @braswell how much do you want for it?

  • Direct message sent. Thanks!

  • @braswell

    How much are u asking for. Are u in Bay Area ? I won't get my til mid Jan. want 1 now while waiting 4 my 2nd.

  • I'm located in MIAMI by the way. I'm just taking offers as of now and will ship out Tuesday to the highest bidder. Message me your offers and destination.

    Would prefer to ship domestic but I know there's one wheelers all over the world :)

  • @braswell are you selling one that has not been opened or used yet? Is it the one that was defective that you are selling?

  • @J-Glide not opened yet. Defective one is on the way back to the mother ship

  • Skip the wait message me directly. We can do paypal I'll ship same day if not next.

    Inside box comes extra set of bumpers, ultra charger and manual.


  • SOLD - Going to a happy home in Maryland

  • UPDATE Ive decided to sell my 2nd onewheel for the time being... It's currently being sent to me by FM as a replacement for one that was having multiple issues. Since I'm leaving the country for business next month my initial plans to keep 2 boards for my gf and I seems pointless at the moment. She's kinda terrified to ride alone lol

    I will be taking offers on this new one, It will come with a brand new fender as well :+1: (as long as it ships on time :) haha)

    Message me directly to make an Offer I'll ship as soon as its delivered Before the 7th most likely.

  • This post is deleted!

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