High Speeds

  • What up Onewheelers? I'd like to reopen the discussion about PushBack at high speeds. The only way I feel in control when reaching speeds of 20mph+ is to bend my knees thereby lowering my center of gravity. This puts more weight/pressure on the board and prevents the 'Seesaw Effect' some of you may have experienced at high speeds. However, staying the crouched position requires a lot of physical exertion so I'm wondering if anyone has a better more laid back approach.

    I've also gotten into the habit of never 'leaning' forward. To accelerate I simple lift my back foot up slightly as this seems to reduce the possibility of nose dives. I have also stopped thinking in terms of 'leaning' forward or backward and instead view it as adjusting the angle over which I'm balancing on the onewheel.

    Your Thoughts?

  • Sound like you've pretty much got it nailed.

  • @Josue try narrowing your stance. The closer your feet are to the tire, the easier it is for the OW software to do its thing, particularly at higher speeds.

  • @groovyruvy Thanks for the advice-a narrower stance may allow me to keep my knees straighter at high speeds as well.

  • the seesawing is what makes pushback dangerous. if you want to go fast without dropping the nose try elevated mode.

    keeping your knees bent is good but sometimes straight legs offer more control. crouching makes for a lower center of gravity but an upright posture gives you a longer pendulum to shift weight with. lean back and use your hips and back more and your knees less. picture a ski jumper in the air.

    keeping your lead foot closer to the wheel and the other foot back will give you less weight up front and allows for more speed.

  • @mrb All good point, thanks.

  • I too have adapted a method of lifting weight off the back foot to feather the throttle

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