Wrecked and ruined a good shirt

  • @SaturnOne You can check with the older forum members, Future Motions idea of 'soon', quick' and 'almost' are different then the rest of the world :)

  • @thegreck congratulations on the mini @thegreck!!! Soooooo cool man! I'm so stoked about this next generation! Maybe they will b addicted to onewheeling instead of touch screens! I'm sure your little dude or dudess will be riding version 3 or 4 before you know it! No hurry for that stuff though hope you and your family are doing great! Super stoked for you guys!!!

  • @ashewheeler Thanks man! She's a little dudette, and I'm hoping she's into Onewheeling too, and that Future Motion releases a kid-size version.

  • @thegreck I was @ OW HQ yesterday giving them one of my decks to play around with and saw a smaller vega slick sitting on a work bench. Could it be a junior wheel in the making? I dunno but how cool would it b to b like 5 and have a proportional onewheel!

  • @ashewheeler That sounds like fun, an insight peek at the onewheel hq. Nice that they are interested in your decks, the decks look great. I look forward to buying them. Did you discover any other developments?

  • @SaturnOne Yeah... I wouldn't buy a new one at this point. If you bought a used one you could always sell it when V2 comes out and only lose a few bucks. buying a new V1 could lose quite a bit of value after V2 release I suppose.

  • chicks dig scars :)

  • No tattoos, just scars. Tore holes in my brand new Vibram five toes on my last wipe out which was before my sensor mod with the trademark elbow and knee wounds to go with it. I now ride with skate shoes all the time.

    Has this ever happened to anyone? I was going down my normal route which I will GPS soon but on the other side of the street on the sidewalk. I wasn't exactly paying attention being in dreamy cruise mode when my board hit a diagonal crack and turned my board 45 degrees at about 10 mph exposing my backside for a crash, and i thought, here we go when the board righted itself and i escaped sidewalk carnage continuing on. Whew....

  • @thegreck Oops, our 11-year old daughter and myself call those injuries "trofees". The biggest trofee is, of course, your little princess. Big congrats to the three of you!! 👊🏽

  • 0_1481648526532_Ripped Shirt.jpg

    I was pretty upset about my new jacket but luckily my dry cleaner was able to fix this:

    alt text

  • @RLY Ahh... dry cleaners do that? Because I did save the shirt and was hoping to try and salvage it. I don't do sleeveless, so stitching up the hole was my only thought.

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