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  • I'm new to the OneWheel scene, 4 days in, but have logged enough street/off-roading mileage to really love riding this thing a lot. I've been shredding all day and night. I'm actually in between charging and going out for one last ride. I hope this fun never ends haha. With that being said, I was wondering if anyone knew of any of the highest mileages logged on one board so far....

  • Have a look at the OWheelbuddy app, has a tally of top mileage (today it's 2656 Miles).

  • @NJWharfRat check this site out: https://www.onewheelbuddy.com/leaderboard/ . This is from the OWheelbuddy app @MrCamel was talking about.

  • @l4rzzz Thanks. I was just wondering what the lifespan is really. And dang, almost 30mph!!! You think that's modified or just downhill?

  • @NJWharfRat said in Highest Mileage:

    And dang, almost 30mph!!! You think that's modified or just downhill?

    I don't know of any way to modify one of these things to add speed. And I think a lot of these guys are making these speeds on flat ground. It's crazy!

  • @NJWharfRat Lifespan of my first tire was 700miles. Lifespan of the board? These things have been build like tanks. Given appropriate maintenance several thousand miles does not seem unrealistic.. Great to hear you're having so much fun already! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‹

  • @NJWharfRat Welcome to this wonderful addiction. I try like hell to get housework done and i find reasons to roll out everyday. 14 miles today just hitting the gym and then to the grocery store, yes i jam the board under my cart and carry bags home, today I had a 12 pack of seltzer with bags.
    People in the grocery store always seem to stare at my cart, not sure why, haha

  • @thegreck Not flat where I ride. High speeds are short bursts on perfect graded downhills. No mods other than road rash and sore wrists, shoulders elbows, etc. to the rider occasionally.

    I have 2 OW's and wore out 1 tire at 1200 miles. However, I was riding it inflated too low and wore it out faster. I believe that you were educationed me about the FM "Tune Up" so I just sent my 2nd OW back last Wednesday with 1600 miles and tire showing threads near edge and leaking fluid(same thing my last OW did before it died).

  • Well thanks for all of the replies. I'm excited to see how long I can push mine for. I did realize that I was riding on a low tire when I first got it. I never checked it out of the box and it was low (I don't know if change in weather from CA to NJ did anything but whatever). I filled it up and now she really rides likes a champ. I can now understand the higher speeds. I was riding at 12 psi and that thing didn't want to get above 15mph. Now I'm aiming for 25. Too bad NJ is all soggy. Looking forward to weather in the 40s this week so I can go out and ride again!

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