Russia, if you're listening..

  • I hope you're able to hack the Onewheel so I can customize it's functions to make it more safe and useful and fun.

    China if you're listening..

    Where is your one-wheeled skateboard for many pleasure and transportation fun toy?


    Please put your effort into developing a one-wheeled platform. I'll pay you $1500 for one.


    Thanks for bringing the hoverboard to market. I really do love my onewheel.

    I know you guys are busy smoking weed and taking pictures for marketing but how about you read some of the thoughtful suggestions your customers have made here and continue to develop the product. There are changes that could easily be implemented on the current hardware--like removing classic mode.

  • @mrb I still see them talk about Classic as being a valid learning mode. HINT: It ain't.

  • Agreed about classic mode - I was learning the OW like 4 days ago! Pushback was too aggressive at lower speeds I felt and that didn't help my balance at all, Extreme allowed me to move at a comfortable speed without major pushback.

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