Heat Grooving the Vega Tire for Increased Traction?

  • Has anyone gone down the proverbial OW road and heat grooved the stock Vega tire to increase traction (I did not find any posts doing a quick forum search). I am entertaining the idea and have located the tool on Amazon Heat Grooving Tool .

    My goal with this approach would be to do a mild chevron groove.

  • @LidPhones Wow, interesting idea! Didn't realize that tool even existed.

  • @thegreck
    I was aware of it from past dealings with NASCAR teams but just recently thought about using it on the stock OW tire. I will likely give this a try over the Christmas holiday period. To see how it improves my snOW trekking. LOL

  • i like this idea.

    try the iron first on something else to get an idea of the temperature stability and to get some practice. you will have best results moving at some steady rate.

    i know the tread on my tire is at least 6mm thick.

  • @mrb
    Great Idea. I will grab a scrap tire from the local indoor Karting place to practice on.

  • Much likey of this idea. I also never knew that was a thing. Makes sense. Seems DIY-able

  • I see there is also a siping tool option as well which would help with ice / snow traction. Good idea LidPhones, I'm super interested to see how your experiment turns out!

  • That's interesting, looking forward to seeing how it turns out

  • So, I fell on my ass today right before a parade, spilling my soda all over my shirt and jamming up my back, because of tire slip. Pissed me off.
    I am ready to groove a tire.
    Also is it me, or is my board requiring me to push farther down angle wise to go or just imagination. Is that possible? Could, it be out of tune?

  • @LidPhones Here is the heavy duty version of the tool in action! https://youtu.be/TYHhfaIqRzs

  • I watched a dozen tire grooving videos, the ones I saw for go kart usually were using a lathe instead of heat routing.

    I saw some idiots using a hand router, it, they had a good idea to make a pattern and spray paint it on the tire as a guide to follow.
    I'd be totally up for this. Worst case scenarios is your out a tire. Or you pop a flat and wipe out really bad... but I think slow leak is more likley :) but, like I said after my tire slip today I am just pissed enough to start ripping things up and I am not ready to sand down the battery compartment. :) if there really is 6mm of depth on the tire. We got plenty to work with, unless there is mesh in there. But I have seen a lot of those round nooks and crannies to tell me there is enough to at least attempt a minimal effort. To what value it gains in traction, would be left to be determined. I also really want to know what those surf foot traction mods do with regular shoes... it seems counter intuitive that it's "stickier" than sandpaper but you know... gravity and ... 200 lbs

  • @jim
    Sweet video. That tire is huge... and $30K is crazy. But the machine it goes on cost ~ $1M so it is all relative I guess.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL Hey, what did you slip on? I found white road lines to be slick when wet or dry. Are you sure your foot didn't lose contact with the sensor? See my sensor mod post. I have had no more issues after modding the sensor and getting aftermarket grip tape. All of my mishaps happened in a backside or heelside turn.

  • @Earthpilot for sure my sensor isn't what it used to be from wear... but, it was really beat up and uneven blacktop. There was like a mini pothole type area. I was just getting going/ stopped to talk restarting. And the ground sort of recessed a bit. It was a back parking lot area. Had I been not distracted by a lot of other things going on I would never have tried to start riding in such a spot. But, i didn't really inspect the ground to well before I just flipped the board around to head back and the foam cup with the super large soda I was holding ended up all over my clothes as well.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL Oh, sorry to hear that. The motor has torque for sure and when the tire gets into a pothole or starting up an inclined crosswalk, wheelspin...

    I have had the motor freewheel for a second when I have gone into a small cutout where the sidewalks intersect with the road too. Scared the hell out of me the first time since I was going about 10 mph.

  • did anybody modify their stock slick?

  • @mrb
    I still plan to do the mod but have been delayed due to work travels. I will have an update by mid Feb

  • @Rig
    Sweet nice share. They really put some time in it seems. I was going to start with less then add more if needed. Photo from Reddit link above...0_1484850279317_Image 31.jpg

  • So how does this work exactly? Are they making those perfect lines by just eyeing it and everything by hand? Or does it come with a tool in that cutting shape? Kinda like a tire cookie cutter.

    Awesome job either way!

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