Push back question

  • Hi guys and gals,

    I have a push back question for you. I've only been out on my OW twice, both times in extreme mode. Last night I was hitting 16mph and the nose was lifting up, I'm not sure if this was push back or my balance.
    I don't want to eat asphalt so was thinking of switching to classic mode as the push back is supposedly stronger and I might get a better feel for it.

    Or is this a bad idea. Any help is appreciated. 😀

  • Stay in extreme, it's much safer, just rely on us! And yes this was pushback what you felt.
    You will notice, slow down, nose goes down, speed up, nose will go up, the board is telling you to slow down.
    I would recommend to take things slowly and learn to be steady. Feel how the board responds to your movements before pushing it to its limits!

  • @Pogson6 yes dude, classic mode is a bad idea....you've certainly hit pushback at 16mph which is the limit of the board but some badass riderz fight the pushback at their peril :)
    Maybe have a look here at 3min30, you have a pushback alert ;)

  • Thanks for the input guys.

  • When you get up to the 16 mph pushback, if you straighten your back leg and apply a lighter front foot pressure at that speed for acceleration, you should be good. Just know at this speed, very minor adjustments in pressure and body movement are crucial. All of my falls happened under 5 mph. See my signature.

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