Metal bumpers

  • Anyone able to craft 100% metal bumpers? Seems very doable/cheap and something I would buy!

  • @brianlavalle It's definitely doable. But I don't think it will be cheap. Not unless it is made in a bulk production run, and even then they still would be on the higher end of what I think most people would be willing to spend. I can price it out and see what it would cost to make on my cnc and let you know later. One other question would be what do you think you would be gaining over the plastic bumpers? They may last longer but they will still scratch and get dinged up pretty easily.

  • @brianlavalle I could make bumper covers in metal.. I don't do any casting but can fabricate something if there's enough interest.. plastic it's great for bumpers but it slides well in the event of a crash.. every now and then I slide on the tail by accident.. metal may not slide and may cause some issues..

  • @njcustom But maybe you could do this!


  • I was considering maybe some flat stock steel wear strips attached to the frame on either side and bent to contour to the existing wear pads.

  • @ahxe45 Id spend twice the amount if a plastic one if it means it lasts longer! The main reason I purchased the Onewheel was because I saw how durable the one my company has for the office, I think a chrome metal would be killer looking and very functional long term. These boards are pricey and I would think there is interest for a long term solution at a higher price point. How much that is, I don't know. And idea on a price range ?

  • @brianlavalle I can get back to you after the holidays and programming it in cad with a ballpark #.

  • Well. My board is heavy enough as it is, so...

    Would be neat to see, though.

  • I'm just thinking of a thin strip of aluminum, bent to cover the tail and nose edge. Just to keep the plastic wear down and add a greater ability to slide on asphalt. Sparks would be a bonus.

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