V2? And what makes this worth $1500?

  • I'm crazy intrigued by the OneWheel. As a snowboarder, I'm rather spoiled by riding both down AND up hill, so sports like longboarding haven't appealed to me much. If this thing was in the ~$900 range, I'd buy it immediately, but the price seems kind of insane, especially compared to similar products on the market. What makes it worth that kind of cheddar?

    The other thing is I've seen talk around here about a new model being right around the corner, which makes dropping $1500 right now even less inviting. What's the deal with the development news on that?

  • @ZeeMox I can't compare to snowboarding but does it sound cool to you to get a snowboard feeling while driving through your town, even during summer when there's no snow at all?
    To me, what make the OW experience peculiar is the fact that the board allows for a seesaw-like motion. Means you can carve in an additional dimension, if that makes sense to you?
    I am as curious as you are about V2..

  • @ZeeMox To me, the thing that most makes it worth $1,500 is that's how much it costs to get one, and when I saw the Kickstarter video there was no way I wasn't getting one.

  • The only people I've seen regret purchasing a OW are people that might be too old, or have chronic physical issues that just didn't work well with riding it. I've been on these forums a while and I've never seen someone buy a OW then say it wasn't worth 1,500$ after riding it.

  • @No Or overly enthusiastic uncoordinated people.

  • @ZeeMox Confused as to how you're able to ride uphill on a snowboard any more than you could on a longboard?

  • @thegreck Oh, if only. I was referring to lifts. I've never been one of those too enthusiastic about unstrapping my board and trekking 45 minutes uphill to get 4 beautiful minutes of untouched powder.

    There's a store here in Seattle that has OW on sale for $1400, so that's cool, but I'm still troubled by the idea of this V2 thing. And not because I've got "apple-itis", or whatever we call it when people must always have the latest and greatest, but because I'd be incredibly stoked on a OW that could squeeze out a few more miles per charge so I could go to town on some of the longer trails around here.

  • @ZeeMox Oh, I see. For longboarding, I guess there's always Uber. But I feel your pain on the v2 thing. When I got mine, there was no chance of a version 2 anytime soon. But now, the rumors are running wild.

  • @ZeeMox when I first was it on YouTube I said to myself "I'd pay tops 800$" .. then I found their site.. I laughed and cried at the same time because I wanted one bad.. after 2 months of watching videos the price didn't seem to bad.. after riding it for a week I totally forgot about the price.. I now can not live without it.. it's part of me like my cell phone ..

  • Been riding electric skateboards for the last 10-12 years.
    Started with the 45 lbs Eglide.

    What sold me on the OW is the guys around here.
    Wanted to know what the fuss was about and got hooked.

    I still ride my Metroboard, but OW gets most of the rides.
    There's something about the quality of the ride that you'll have to experience yourself.

    V1 in and by itself more than deliver, so I wouldn't let V2 stop me.

  • I was just at HQ last week and saw nothing hinting that a V2 was being worked on let alone right around the corner in terms of being ready to roll out production. Let's remember the not so distant past where V1 brought it's own set of production challenges. I think we as consumers being all geeked for V2 is definitely inevitable and also maybe unrealistic. But who knows maybe they are working super hard to keep V2 on the DL until it's ready to drop. Otherwise you've got this potential lull in sales that is already a threat I guess based on this thread. I just think from what they said to me they are just getting all the production kinks ironed out for V1. Also I doubt they have fully capitalized from the V1 specific tooling and setup so even if they release a V2 I imagine V1 will continue to be available. It's probable they are developing a V2 but it's also probable that it's years away from hitting the market. I hope I'm wrong obviously because V1 is the greatest thing ever! I have 3 onewheels it's not like they are gonna stop working when V2 drops. I can't imagine V1 ever not being fun. If I was on the fence knowing what I know now, I would spend $2500 for V1 right now even if V2 was 6 months around the corner. Just sayin you can get $1500 worth of riding in 3 months easy. I know that's some complicated math but just think about the numbers and the days spent waiting without onewheel while the free world realizes trump shit hitting the fan.

  • To be honest I was in kind of the same boat as you are. I wanted the OneWheel so bad, but the price was way higher than what I had expected.
    So I decided to make one myself. I love making stuff and I like electronics and programming a lot, so I felt confident and started researching.
    Turns out that you need a couple more things than the knowledge and the time. Here are some of the parts I wrote in my list:

    • Wheel
    • Tyre
    • Axle
    • Sprockets
    • Chain
    • Keyway (wheel-axle fixation)
    • Bearings
    • Motor
    • Speed controller
    • Battery
    • Battery controller
    • Arduino
    • Sensors
    • Communication (bluetooth)
    • Lights
    • Voltage regulators
    • Battery charger
    • Aluminium structure

    And that's only what I can say at the top of my head. So I started gathering information about each and all of the parts. The models and the prices, the pros and the contras.
    The total cost of the parts only was around $1200. And from there you have to develop a very stable firmware you can actually trust (not to mention the mobile app to change modes and get status information).
    Also my board was going to have external motor with sprockets and a chain, because the OneWheel motor is custom made, and there's nothing like that around, so it was going to be heavy and ugly as f*ck.

    And then I thought: "Am I really willing to make such a bing investment in parts so I can build one myself, not knowing how will it turn out?" As much as I love making stuff, and that I'd REALLY love making one from scratch, it was a lot of money to start experimenting, so I ended up not reinventing the wheel (pun intended) and buying one that is very trustable and well made. I don't regret it at all.

    It's my daily commuter now and I want to ride it all the time, everywhere.
    GET IT.

  • Hey man this thing is built like a freaking tank and is hands-down the coolest toy you can own, those are just a couple reasons why it's worth $1500.

    If you want to pay less and try a used one, I am selling mine, my price is negotiable. Check my thread. I'm freeing up cash for an engagement ring but I wish I could keep it!

  • You all make some very convincing points. I will concede that it seems to be worth the price.

    Unfortunately I am planning on quitting my job in the near future to pursue a life beyond the soul-sucking drudgery of IT, so it would be a phenomenally stupid purchase at the moment even though it is within my means. However, one of these things is definitely in my future. Thanks for all the feedback.

  • @ZeeMox I hear ya. Here's the other thing though: even though the rumours about a V2 are running high, timing for FM is not always in line with what their customers would like it to be. That's what I'm reading on the forum, and hearing from some of their dealers. So it's hard to estimate when an eventual V2 would come out.. Oops, just now I saw your last post about you possibly quitting your job. Well, that is buying you the time you need to wait for V2..

  • @ZeeMox
    My position on new tech has always been get it if you can find value in it. Then take care of it the best you can so good value remains for someone to buy down the road when the next gen version comes along (and Vx will always be just around the corner to some extent). Live and enjoy life now otherwise you will find yourself waiting for what is next....

    My only regret on the OW is not riding it more. LOL. Damn priorities......

  • @No Define old, lol.

    What njcustom said, this thing is part of my "everyday routine".

    I saw it at the Surf Expo in Orlando and bought it from Ron Jon surf shop a couple days later.

    Re- painted, bucket fender installed, sensor modded, aftermarket grip tape, 3 months and a few days and I'm seeing threads in the tread.

    New Hoosier tire shipped and arriving soon,. Mileage and speed in my signature.

    These are good reasons to buy it

    Also I meet people interested in it that say they have seen me riding weeks prior to meeting me.

    Rock Star status engaged...

  • I've had my 2 OW's for a year now, and I still get stoked to go ride even when most rides are errands around town(i don't get angry when I forget my wallet anymore). I've changed tires on both OW's now with combined mileage over 3300 miles , crashed them multiple times, never submerged it but rode in rain a time or 10, shared it with countless even random people. I snowboard and surf and my good surfing brother calls it his "Surfing Trainer" which it does benefit/enhance any other board riding.

    I regret not buying 4! More OW's =More Fun

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  • @ashewheeler said in V2? And what makes this worth $1500?:

    I was just at HQ last week and saw nothing hinting that a V2 was being worked on..<

    do they have a drive-thru? are you an investor?

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