DIY Onewheel

  • How about DIY onewheel kit? You will be able to sell more, as with current price a lot of people can not afford it. You can say: here you have your parts, price is 30% lower and you have no warranty. This thing consists of couple parts and I think anybody having mechanical skills can do it! I would buy such kit.

  • @Kwok The actual building of the board from a kit would be straight forward enough I'd imagine, but the calibration would put it beyond most people. As I understand it, if theres a problem with the wheel presently, then the board has to be sent back to Future Motion so it can be changed and re-calibrated, therefore even a seemingly easy wheel change can't be done by the user. I for one would find the instruction manual for fine tuning the gyroscopes intimidating to say the least!

  • Well, I believe instruction of calibration would be enough. If it is doable for 10 years old kid in racing drone (which has the same or higher level of complexity of control system and 6DOF IMU), it can be done by OW builder as well.

    To be honest I think FM just don't want people to play with calibration. Why? I have no idea.

  • I can't imagine it being that much cheaper.. 100$ maybe .. Youre not paying much for assembly, you're paying for the technology and time put into development..

  • @njcustom I do understand it. That's why I said 30% not 50% ;) I think OW is below 500$ in parts. They just need to lower the price, otherwise Chinese copy will come in couple months...

  • @Kwok the battery alone is 500$. Chinese batteries last 3-4 months .. Go ahead tho

  • @njcustom I would say closer to 120-150$, but I do not know exactly which battery it is. You're doing fenders yourself - this is the same story. It costs 85$. How much does your carbon fiber version cost you? You don't have to answer, but the same rule applies to whole product.

  • @Kwok I work in a machine shop and I'm a welder.. I know exactly what the one wheel cost to make.. And yes the battery is around 500$.. Ive replaced them in Chinese machines and they are around 300-400.. I have a solowheel.. The aluminum in the Onewheel is cheap but to machine it cost a bit and the machine to do it cost tens of thousands .. But all in all youre still paying for the technology and development.. 500 for the brain ..500 for tire, rim, motor and frame work.. 500 for a battery.. It makes total sense .. In china they work for pennies a day that's the only reason they can pull it off.. And trust me Chinese use recycled batteries that don't last for more then a few months.. And not to mention you get NO warranty with Chinese.. So weigh out your options.. If you want to spend 600$ on Chinese be my guest.. But in the end you will want the real deal Onewheel

  • Might be. I do not want to argue. That was just an idea, how to lower the cost. I'm afraid the story will be similar to IO Hawk: 1800$ original one and 400$ on ebay. So you can buy four, even if it last for shorter time. It's a pity because I really love OW concept and do appreciate FM team effort....

  • @njcustom I heard OneWheel is about 800 to produce. 600 for parts and 200 labor and other costs... Do you think that number is off?

  • @MichaelW possibly yes.. Because they're buying parts at mass.. But individualy I would say I'm about right..

  • I hope FM is making some money at this. They had to develop and engineer the thing. We should be prepared to pay more than just the cost of parts and assembly labour. The trick for them is to make enough profit (or have enough working capital) to have an even better product ready when the knock-offs hit the market.

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