Battery Gauge Error?

  • While on this evening's ride, my board died with 28% battery life remaining. I left the house with 78%, and it rapidly declined to eventually the 28% and the board finally completely gave out. I confirmed the battery remaining percentage via the Onewheel Buddy app and the stock OneWheel app. The stock OW app showed the level at nearly the 30% mark, but gave an error message saying I "needed some juice" and to charge it. This is the first time this is happened to me, been riding for a little over a month and have 80 miles on my OW. I'm wondering if anyone else out there has had battery calibration issues where it shows you a remaining percentage... but it is not entirely accurate. Hoping this was a fluke, giving it a full charge now as we speak to see if they recalibrate.

  • I've had a few odd cases where it doesn't actually charge. The fix is usually to turn it on, and plug it into the charger. I suggest doing this before you go to bed so it has a chance to rebalance cells overnight.

  • Overnight or longer charge. If it continues, you may have to send it back. I've seen 2 other OW's that have done what you are describing and sorry but it usually ends with you getting another board. Hopefully your battery cells were just not evened out and a long charge may fix it. Let us konw what outcome is.

  • Rode it again today after a 48 hour charge. It held 100% for a while, even after doing 2.5 miles. Then started rapidly declining. All in all I got about 7 miles out of street riding out of the battery. But it just won't reset to zero. At 28 to 27% the board totally died. Still showing 28% battery life remaining on both the stock and one wheel buddy app but the board is dead to rights. Other than a 48 hour charge, is there a way to do a hard reset for it to recalibrate with the software?

  • @CapoDelToro Maybe try running battery to 0%. My battery did a similar trick but also would'nt charge to 100% until I drained it to 0% if that doesnt work prepare to send it back to FM

  • @CarvingUphillAVL How can he do that if the board dies completely at 28%?

  • @CapoDelToro Both of the non-official apps will show you the charges of all the cells. Check those out and see if they're all the same, or if one of them is a lot lower than the others.

  • @CarvingUphillAVL I tried to do this last night, but it died completely at 28% and wouldn't even run the lights. Can one of you guys tell me what the cells are supposed to look like? Is 3.62 V across the board normal? 15 of my cells are at 3.62 and one is at 3.60

  • @CapoDelToro Hmmm... yeah that sounds about right. If one of them was really low, I was thinking maybe the electronics were reading that one. But this might be a case of having to ship the board back to headquarters, unfortunately.

  • @CapoDelToro That's normal readout. Looks like you may have to return it, but contact FM and confirm with them or hopefully you bought from a local dealer who could help you.

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