Battery issues

  • Posted this in the tech section too..

    Hi all,
    been a long while since I was here...I actually forgot my profile :-)
    (So now there are two of me in here)

    Been riding for a year, no trouble whatsoever, but today I got the dreaded overcharged battery message and shut down shortly after. Damn!

    I have never submerged it, and always cleaned it right after riding on the beach.
    Always ridden it with protection over the xlr contact and taped the on/off switch when cleaning it...

    The board is now unplugged inside the house, will check again tomorrow...can the message be what it says it is, or is it always the same as dead controller / battery?
    Can I do something myself?

    I live in sending it back to FM is not something I would like to do...


    P.S I love my Onewheel!

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