hot and cold

  • these days my board keeps doing the lean way back scheme like when low battery and won't let me ride. i checked the code and get 'Hot and Cold' and the controller temperature was around 40.

    i guess this has to do with battery temperature and lack of current. do i gotta start carrying a parka for my board or what?

  • @mrb in reviewing this discussion string it seems like it was a sensor issue and was resolved by sending the board in for repairs. . . .

  • @groovyruvy

    thanks for the link.

    do you mean a temperature sensor? the temperatures from 'settings' all looked about right for the ambient temperature which was around 40.

    i'm gonna try the parka before trying to deal with @Future-Motion .

  • @mrb the discussion string wasn't super clear but I took it the same way as you- that they were talking about a temperature sensor. Please keep us posted as you work through this issue. . . . . .

  • it seems that a little bit of slow riding heats things up enough that i can reboot through the error a few times and ride through the rest of the charge without issue.

    the other day, i couldn't get moving despite several reboots and had to ditch the board.

    has anyone else seen 'Hot and Cold' ?

  • @mrb yes I got this issue 2 weeks ago after I let my board in my car trunk for the night. Here it's winter in French alps, temperature in the night was -8deg Celsius. In the morning when I wanted to ride my ow, it started with this code.
    I had to put it back at home for few hours before it worked again normally.

  • Yep just had this same error this morning after leaving it in my car over night. Had to walk to work. :/

  • Same thing here now that winter has come. It gets into the 30's at night an if I leave my board in the trunk it acts like it has a low battery for the first few 100 feet or til I let it thaw.

  • thanks for the replies.

    i suppose that the battery will not perform with such internal temperatures but it takes hours for this cold to set in.

    if you need to keep your board in the trunk, wrap it in a blanket.

    turn the board upside down and sit on the battery while you eat breakfast.

    drawing current will warm the battery, so putt around a little bit before getting up to speed if you're close to the fault point.

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