Slick Hoosier replacement tire- I found a winner

  • Tire update

    Since the tire is smaller and I was running a lower tire pressure today, I didn't quite make it to my gym which is my regular trip. About 5.7 miles. Missed it by about a half a block.

    I added 5 bike pump inflations to it tonight and i still like the ride.

    If any of you are going to try this tire, I suggest pumping it up to a point where when you go to start on the board, push down on the front pad and you should see just a small amount of flex to the sidewall, not squishy. Now if you are going offroad, go for some squishy, lol

    Once I find my digital guage, I can give you an exact psi

  • I did the 11/6.5/6 treaded hoosier and run it at 15 psi. It didn't rub too much when I first put it on so I just ran the board off the ground and hit it with an old school metal file over the center of the tire. Now no more rubbing. I'll probably add more air as time goes on and the tire wears. I do really like the increased manuverability of the rouded tire. Can't wait to try the treaded tire on a wet and muddy golf course and see if it helps.

  • @wr420 Congrats on the successful install, which compound did you get?

  • @No I went with the hardest I could find available for that tire, D30. Still soft though, but not foamy.
    I've been out a few nights and holy shit!, I'm pretty much in snowboard gear. lol

  • @wr420 Sounce nice man, the wear hasn't gotten much worse on mine, but I'll be going with the D30 for sure next time

  • are you moving faster with the smaller circumfrance and smaller contact patch?

    keep in mind your speedometer counts revs and will read a little fast.

  • I went with the A40 compound and I'm running it at 13.5 psi

  • @Earthpilot I probably would have gone with A40 but it was not available on the threaded model. I think the A30 is still realitivly soft stuff but it's not foamy like the A10.

  • @wr420 Where did you get it? The D30. I found it and it's about 83.00 shipped. Just curious if you got it cheaper, thanks.

    Edit: I just bought it. Can't stop riding...

  • I want to find a working vega treaded tire

  • Yup! Hoosier 6" slick is the best tire.

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