OW Overhaul Project: Concave Footpads MK II, Aluminum Footstops, 3 piece fender with BBQ Paint

  • Earlier this year I experimented with sanding down the rear footpad and giving it a slight concavity (the post: http://community.onewheel.com/topic/3157/silver-ow-with-concave-rear-footbad-and-griptape-upgrade) and it provided decent results, so about a month ago I started planning a complete rebuild of both footpads, focusing on giving them a deeper concave shape, along with a few other changes.

    With the first version of the concave footpad, I used a regular vibrating sander, it took hours to sand it down 1/16", this time I needed more power, I tried to get my hands on a CNC router but it didn't workout, so I purchased an angle grinder and used this tool:

    alt text

    It was EXTREMELY effective, so effective that I destroyed 2 of the 4 pieces of wood I prepared(more on that later) I realised the trick was to use the angle grinder to do about 80% of the work, then gradually wear down the wood with a more gentle vibrating sander. Also, it's important to stop every now and then and actually stand on the wood to make sure it feels comfortable under your foot. I ended up having 2 very different concavity profiles for the front and rear footpads because my stance is different, and the same shape wouldn't work for both feet. This is what one of the finished ones looked like before adding griptape.

    alt text

    Clearly I'm not a professional woodworker, but this is the front footpad. I decided to purchase several different colors of 1/16" veneer sheets from http://www.roarockit.com/, the sheets made two pairs of footpads, and I ruined two of them with the angle grinder as I mentioned above. I also purchased their vacuum bag for squeezing the veneers together during the drying process. For the lamination, I decided to go with a marine grade epoxy. It took 4 sheets to equal the same thickness as the stock OW pads, so I chose plain wood, orange, red, and black. You can see in the above picture, that the concavity is fairly deep, it goes through about 70% of the wood at the deepest point.

    Regarding the lamination process, if this is something you're interested in trying, I don't suggest using a vacuum bag, looking back, I wish I would've put in the time and effort to figure out how to do this using clamps. The bag is amazing the first time, but reusing it is difficult, and 100 or so dollars would've been better spent on equipment that would be easier to use more than once.

    alt text

    The finished product, I originally wanted to use clear griptape, but it looks like shit, seriously, don't try it. The epoxy is very strong, on a fall the OW flipped over and hit concrete on that outer edge of the footpad, barely a scratch, it's extremely hard. The metal thing mounted on the front is a footstop purchased here: https://www.muirskate.com/longboard/products/69441/rogers-bros-4-way-footstop. For me, when riding extremely rough terrain, my feet tend to bounce and scoot outward towards the ends of the OW, so the footstops are there to prevent that. The wood is countersunk so the surface of the footstop is flush with the grip tape, this made the footpad very thin, so it had to be reenforced with fiberglass to prevent the wood from tearing itself apart if the footstop ever took a solid blow. Right now the footstops are secure enough to use them as a handle to carry the OW.

    alt text

    I chose the rounded footstop for the front because sometimes I ride goofy, and I always point my front foot about 45 degrees forward, resting the forward edge against the metal.

    alt text

    My rear foot is usually straight, and so is my foot, but it can be adjusted. I left the bolts loose, because, as you can see, it hangs off the edge of the OW, so when I rest the OW on it's edge, the footstop rotates to clear the ground like so....

    alt text

    About the strange fender, I got the non-magnetic version from @njcustom and chopped it up into two mini fenders, and a main piece to put on for special occasions. I originally had planned on having the middle piece attach with magnets, but it just wasn't strong enough, so I found some buckles to secure it better.

    alt text

    The inside of the fender is coated with red spray-on rubber, it helps to keep things quiet when riding through loose terrain. Also, the inner portion of the mini-fenders have a small flap that helps to deflect debris downward, but I didn't take a picture of them. The outside of the fender was originally coated in black epoxy, but it didn't cure right (my fault) so I purchased flat black paint for BBQ grills and painted over the epoxy. It worked, and it provided a decent-looking durable coating for the fender. EDIT: Forgot to mention, the ridge going down the middle of the fender is a thin strip of copper glued on and epoxied over for added strength. The buckle hardware is screwed directly into it, just didn't trust the fiberglass to be strong enough by itself.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    The verdict:

    Concave Footpads

    Concave footpads are always a winner, since the first time I tried it a while back, I felt that it should be a standard feature of the OW, and with the even deeper concavity in the front and back, I'm 200% certain of this. The ride just "feels" better, I feel more "locked in" and it's very comfortable to stand on. Carving is more responsive, and there's far less foot fatigue on longer rides.

    Foot Stops

    This is really up to the rider, for me, and the type of terrain I like the most, I needed something to stop my feet from bouncing off the edge, it was annoying having to look down and make sure my foot wasn't about to leave the sensor. An added benefit is the fact that I can now press my feet against the footstops to gain more control over the OW, definitely a solid upgrade.

    Three Piece Fender

    This was a risky mod, and I think it ended up being more cosmetic than functional. Mini fenders are good in theory, but the rear-facing fender sometimes redirects debris that would typically hit my foot, straight at my front leg. That's really the only downside, and it's easily solved by just taking off the rear mini fender, and only using it when I need the whole setup for rain or wet terrain. I had hoped to find a solution that would protect my feet, while still showing the wheel, and that's what it does...but not as well as I had hoped.

    Info on my tire mod: http://community.onewheel.com/topic/6294/hoosier-treaded-tire-review/45

  • Damn dude.

  • @No If Mad Max was rocking a OW it would look like that!

  • two men enter, one man leaves!

  • @wr420 said in OW Overhaul Project: Concave Footpads MK II, Aluminum Footstops, 3 piece fender with BBQ Paint:

    @No If Mad Max was rocking a OW it would look like that!

    Son of a bitch you beat me to the quote

    X2 mad max board

  • now that´s what i call modding!;-)

    Nice man!

  • @wr420 @Aaron-Broward-FL Thanks..yea, I think taking the mods for a test ride in the desert for a few days really added to that post apocalyptic effect lol

    @cr4p Thanks, next I think I'll strip all the paint off the rim to see if it looks good, if it doesn't I'll just spray it with BBQ paint...

  • Jesus, you nailed it bro! Looks so F*ing cool!! @No

  • @No This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!!! I hope we get to shred together during the Apocalypse!!! And that the apocalypse part is anticlimactic and we get to keep shredding forever!!!

  • @ashewheeler haha, sounds good man

  • Onewheel Road Warrior! Awesome?

  • Next Level

  • @No you gotta post video of this beast already! I'm also curious on how the mini fenders are holding up and if your thoughts have changed.

    I love the look as well, even the copycat "Jyro" seemed to go this route. I'd love @njcustom opinion on it too. I remember you considered making a set using brushes or something.

    Just love the naked look much more than fender. But I want clean pants :)

    0_1487046563467_jyro1.png 0_1487046567594_jyro3.png

  • @braswell someone on the forums tried it with one of my fenders and I don't believe it worked.. that's what's great about the magnetic feature, you can install it in the blink of an eye..

  • @njcustom said in OW Overhaul Project: Concave Footpads MK II, Aluminum Footstops, 3 piece fender with BBQ Paint:

    @braswell someone on the forums tried it with one of my fenders and I don't believe it worked.. that's what's great about the magnetic feature, you can install it in the blink of an eye..

    Yea, that was me lol

    @braswell the main issue with mini-fenders is that the rear-facing fender takes the debris that typically ends up on the footpad or shoe...and deflects a portion of it directly against your front leg. Looking at that JYRO image, notice the angle of the mini-fender, that's the angle debris will fly, not all of it, just some. Essentially it trades a dirty shoe/footpad for junk randomly tapping against one of your legs. That being said, the forward-facing fender works perfectly at keeping junk off your forward shoe/footpad. In the end, it ends up being a compromise that's only slightly better than no fender at all but looks cool. Regarding the brush idea, I decided not to follow up on that because the brushes would be full of worm meat and mud after a couple rides.

  • @No worm meat, yumm 😂😂

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