frozen footpad?

  • i had a defective footpad out the box and have seen hundreds of malfunction caused by the footswitch being stuck open and closed. i'm talking about 20 malfunctions for every 2.5 miles ridden.

    my current footpad had been functioning correctly for 30odd miles.

    the other day, i had the damnedest time trying to get the footswitch to close and the board to drive. after several minutes of confirming that the wheel was engaged and remounting, the board did drive. the footswitch malfunctioned several times by opening despite ample pressure.

    then the footswitch malfunctioned several times by sticking closed. once bucking itself upsidedown for a fair while before i picked it up and shut it off.

    after remounting, the switch malfunctioned open and i dismounted. then i witnessed the longest unmanned run i have seen yet. i felt like a dick chasing my board for about 200 feet before it got caught in a bush. i picked up the board and it continued to drive with the deck perpendicular to the ground for half a minute before i switched it off.

    was my footpad frozen open and then closed? it was only about 40°F out. the inside of the board and the footpad were bone dry.

    i rode the board again yesterday without any footswitch malfunctions. it was about 45° out.

    i've had the upsidedown bucking before with my original footpad. even with the footswitches stuck closed, shouldn't the board stop driving with a -90° pitch or a 270° pitch? i know it normally shuts off with 30° of roll, but i've seen it driving full speed sitting on its side rail (90° roll).

  • @mrb

    I have about 500 miles on the board and have never had a malfunctioning footpad. Malfunctioning or failing footpads had been my biggest fear when starting out.

    My board has never run off by itself.

    If two different sets have been this flaky, maybe it's some other component on the board that's not working right.

    In any case it sounds crazy and unacceptably dangerous, you should have Future Motion clear it up.

    "Hundreds of malfunctions"? Why would you even ride it anymore? I couldn't tolerate the frustration, let alone the danger. I'm scared of the inevitable when my sensors actually malfunction from old age for the very first time.

    I ride in wet weather and shallow puddles and it hasn't affected anything. In 500 miles I've come off the board only a few times from potholes I didn't see or that were under water.

    What does Future Motion say about this?

    I noticed in another post you have painted your footpads, did this make anything better or worse?

  • @mrb you might need to break in the footpad/sensor.. this seems to be a common issue with new footpads from previous posts I read.. I had the same issue out of box but it quickly went away with normal riding and haven't had the issue since.. I'm already over 500 miles in on my original set.. got a spare set just incase but I bet that's what the issue is... Be safe!

  • You definitely shouldn't need to "break in" new footpads; that would be incredibly dangerous if it were the case. Contact FM at and get it fixed before someone gets seriously hurt.

  • Sounds like a bad footpad.

    I had one and it's scary as shit when it turns into a land missle.

    Document it, and send it to FM and they should send you new pads no problem. Oli I lived with mine for a month or so unil showing FM. My current board is night and day.

    Your board should stop when you disengage from the sensor, anyway you dismount. Period.

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