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  • @njcustom excited for your vids! I have no use for a second board but I hope they have a upgrade option. If not being able to upgrade the motor at the very least hopefully new footpads and new software.

  • @jordo

    I think so too.
    You're basically getting free fender, extra bumpers and 2 year warranty instead of 1.

  • @jordo Guess what the retail price is here for a normal OW...
    1700 EURO
    Which is 1781 USD.
    No discounts, christmas sales, thanksgiving black friday deals, etc etc.. full price, all the time..
    Next to that, we get no access to any perks..

  • @Seekwence what really blows is if you didn't have an OW at all! Go ride and smile...and be thankful! Don't let shiny new stuff ruin your day.

  • This post is deleted!

  • So I'm stewing a little right now. We early adapters are one of the main reasons this board is so popular. We are the free advertising FM has benefited from this past year. I sent them an email inquiring if there might be any consideration for purchasers of V1. I'm not expecting much. I would consider buying V2 for $1500 if I could get a reasonable price on the sale of my V1. Anyone else feel like I do?

  • @medhead

    FM has always been top notch with customer service.
    I wouldn't be surprised if they offer some type of an incentive for those who bought a V1 not long ago and wanting a V2.
    V2 is on my list come Spring and keeping V1 as a back up.

  • Yup. Went ahead and ordered one too. I'm a sucker! lol. :-P

  • Any idea what this "mafia onewheel bag" is?


    I've been hoping to hear more information about that bag also, but I haven't seen anything. I'm assuming it's their carry-bag, but is it a backpack, roller, over the shoulder, mixture of one of more, etc.

  • Just placed my order after reading their email. Seems like there is some confusion on the pricing. The news story linked to this morning said the price was going to remain around $1500 but then there is this chatter about $1984 here.

    The boards will continue to be sold for $1549 after these pricing specials but the early you order the more free stuff you get. Order in the next 48 hours to get $1984 in value with free shipping, fender, bumpers, extra warranty. Order by the 9th for $1499 and get $1712 in value...basically the same package minus the extra year in warranty. Order by the 31st for $1499 and get $50 off the normal retail price of $1549 which includes free shipping. Starting in Feb retail price will be $1549 and you will still get free shipping but you will need to buy everything else including a fender which I think everyone should own.

    I was thinking of waiting until towards summer since I don't ride much in winter but the free shipping, fender, and bumpers, and extra year of warranty is a good deal.

    Just got to pull the trigger and look forward to the increased performance on the way! I'm guessing production on these is not too different than V1 so as long as they get all the components on time there should not be delays.

  • Awe, I gotcha. That makes more sense. They factored in the value of the "Freebies" to the said retail price. The price of the new board looks to be at $1549 after the pre-sales, but the longer you wait to order the less freebies you get and therefore the less value.

    Here's the link with the break-down.

  • Out of curiosity, why does the rear footpad have a portion of the wood showing? Was there a reason to not fill all the space with the grip tape?

  • @Miro_NL_AMS I also live in the Netherlands. We will have to wait untill a shop imports them. Importing just one will put you above. 2.000 euro with taxes and shipping. As soon as the onewheel+ is available in Europe I will order one or two and sell my used v1 for a fair price. I know of good shops in belgium, in the Netherlands , austria, Finland or uk. So who is is going to be the first, reply from shops are welcome? I will order two new onewheel+ if the price remains at 1.700.

  • @njcustom It appears your custom fender will still work which is awesome! Mine has taken some abuse and still works great!

  • Yeah shipping to Canada is expensive as well. It would be nice to get free shipping. Still on the fence

  • "Boom!" Just bought the new OneWheel+ after my buddy confirmed he's going to buy my "old" OW. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

  • @BallewBoard nice how much are you selling your old one for? I might do the same.

  • @Waterloo1wheeler ya, us Canadians are looking at $2500 CAD once it hits our doorstep. I can't justify the minor upgrade seeing as if we are able to sell off our v1's we will probably only get $1000 CAD at the most.

  • Though some disagree, I think the added speed and smoother motor is well worth the purchase. I purchased a V1 back in April knowing that technology is rapidly advancing and that the board I just bought may already have a new model coming out...I keep that mentality with everything I buy so that I am not disappointed when something new comes out. I am actually surprised that this didn't come out earlier. I view this as a more refined version of the V1, and in my opinion it's worth the money. Not only that but I just sold my V1 at a very low price to a good friend of mine so that I have someone to hit the trails with. It's a win-win.

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