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  • I think the range of the Onewheel is restricted due to the fact that the wheel must be powered at all times, since it's self-leveling. It can't be compared to other electric skateboards that can coast and don't need battery power to stay level... four wheels does that automatically.

    They already use the best batteries available in the OW, so we likely won't see better range until some scientist invents a better battery (or perfect the graphene film battery). I think our best bet is going to be swappable battery packs.

  • @thegreck I think the issue with swappable batteries is it's a removable item...The onewheel is not a road only board and with the bump and grind of trail use I see future issues with removable items (unless screwed in along with a rubber seal around it, which means you have to carry a screwdriver with you) --- I hope that in the future they get to that point though.

  • @iSurfVilano Good point! Guess for now we'll just have to stick to the solution of riding from Starbucks to Starbucks, or keeping a battery backup in our backpacks when there aren't any Starbucks around.

  • @thegreck With the new board you'll get to the charging station faster!

  • Yeah, I'd definitely always get a waterproof one (or a highly water resistant). Where I live, its Winter for about half the year though this year it hasn't been to bad - typically ride in -15 to -25C weather and there is snow/slush on the ground a bit...board definitely gets dirty. (Fender was an incredible decision to buy at the same time!) I clean her about once a week or two. Dirty OW

  • @iSurfVilano Haha. For me, that additional 4mph wouldn't likely change the speed I tend to ride (15mph), but it would be key because it means I wouldn't be fighting pushback the entire time!

  • @Waterloo1wheeler I'm giving him the special friend discount at $1000.

  • I still wish it was all black ;)

  • My neighbor was going to buy one for her husband after seeing mine, now this little "oops I ordered a + within 5 seconds of reading the announcement" little scenario occurs! Well, I think I am going to pay it forward and sell mine cheap to them instead. Instant riding buddy and I lose a few hundred bucks. I have done worse in life, I can tell you that.

  • Has there been any co firmation if the new footpads will fit on V1's? Somebody from Onewheel please answer asap,,,,,thanks

  • @r1alvin I can almost guarantee they will; I don't think they redesigned the main body of the board. And the regular footpads have been out of stock in the store for a while, so I'm pretty sure these will replace them.

  • So so mad.... the look on my sons face when he found out the new one wheel came out just a week after he received one for Christmas.....

    Very upset with future motion for not giving me the option to wait.... I will be writing a nasty letter to anyone with power! Corporate executives should know how they disappointed my 13 year old son....


  • Why don't you use this opportunity to teach your 13-year-old son a valuable life lesson? You just bought him a $1500 machine that he will get years of joy and life out of, don't teach him to be a crybaby always looking for the next best thing! The onewheel you bought him is fucking awesome. Tell him to get out there and enjoy it, I promise he will. If not you're going to have to have the same conversation with him in three years when you buy him a Camaro and he wants a Porsche.

  • @thegreck

    Agreed, and hope they continue to offer the older ones.
    Some people may prefer the flat ones.

  • This post is deleted!

  • A guy name Tony posted this on the Facebook group "Onewheel Owners Group"...

    "Spoke to a rep at FM. Here's the deal.

    • if you've purchased your board in the last ~ 10 days they will work with you for a solution. (Ie if your board is brand new, they will accept a return)

    • for all the owners of version 1 like me, the new pads apparently won't fit on the old board and they don't offer any swap/upgrade option. The rep told me they would work on a longer term solution for us original owners, but it will take a few months for sure. Maybe a software upgrade.


  • @CapoDelToro Pads, as in footpads? So the cool new footpads aren't going to retrofit onto the old boards, huh? Little disappointing.

    But how is a software upgrade going to fix a hardware incompatibility? A new shaping option that'll make it "feel" like you have curved footpads?

  • @thegreck I think the Software upgrade may have been intended to be a new line item - they mentioned on how the V2 will have more control in terms of software, so that may be what that part is referring to?

    Definitely made me re-read the sentence though, software comment immediately following a note regarding how footpads won't match.

  • @carefreefamily If my dad had bought me a gift that cost $1,500 when I was 13 years old and I showed disappointment because something better was available, I would suddenly have NO gift.

  • I am glad they kept the color blue, turning it black would take away from the limited edition ones that people like myself spent more on from there Kickstarter event. I just purchased the Onewheel+ and honestly I don't see selling my black limited edition one just because it is special to me and I consider it a limited edition one.

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