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  • @thegreck I think the Software upgrade may have been intended to be a new line item - they mentioned on how the V2 will have more control in terms of software, so that may be what that part is referring to?

    Definitely made me re-read the sentence though, software comment immediately following a note regarding how footpads won't match.

  • @carefreefamily If my dad had bought me a gift that cost $1,500 when I was 13 years old and I showed disappointment because something better was available, I would suddenly have NO gift.

  • I am glad they kept the color blue, turning it black would take away from the limited edition ones that people like myself spent more on from there Kickstarter event. I just purchased the Onewheel+ and honestly I don't see selling my black limited edition one just because it is special to me and I consider it a limited edition one.

  • @thegreck said in The next level is here:

    @r1alvin I can almost guarantee they will; I don't think they redesigned the main body of the board. And the regular footpads have been out of stock in the store for a while, so I'm pretty sure these will replace them.

    Cant wait to see what they come up with. Most of us are willing to pay too. We need to just keep talking about it so they see the demand! I made another thread in the general discussion because these threads are getting clogged up with people whining about wanting a hand me down or refund for their 9 day old purchase.

  • I'm bummed its not black. That teaser got my hopes up so high. Lol... Hard to belive they wouldn't just make it black. Who would pick blue over black? Almost no one. Just had to say that... Rant over

  • Well I'm in. I may sell my current board, but I have so many friends having fun on mine I won't be in a major hurry.

    I'm looking forward to 4mph extra.

    I really could use twice the range, but let's chill for now.

    In the meantime I have 3 chargers: Home, Work, and the Barhopping Satchel :P

  • @MichaelW

    LOL, totally man. It got my hopes up for a black and white edition, especially with black footpads. Wood looks like doodoo, but that's just my opinion (I can see why people may like it though).

  • @MichaelW Likewise. I was way stoked on it being black but oh well...still in. Watch a SE black board come out in a few months and we are kicking ourselves lol.

  • @carefreefamily said in The next level is here:

    So so mad.... the look on my sons face when he found out the new one wheel came out just a week after he received one for Christmas.....

    Very upset with future motion for not giving me the option to wait.... I will be writing a nasty letter to anyone with power! Corporate executives should know how they disappointed my 13 year old son....


    Wow. The world doesn't owe us anything, folks. Count your blessings; I would venture to guess you will not be able to count that high. Sounds like your son has it pretty good my friend!

  • I hate to have to explain my 13 year old sons Christmas gift but there is more to the story....

    He saved his money since he was 8 years old ... when he turned 13 he begged us to let him use his own money to buy a one wheel ... we said no and talked him into buying an apple computer... that was February....

    Fast forward to cyber Monday.... we have 3 sons and they are each given a $500 Christmas limit.... All three thought the one wheel was the shit so they decided to pool their money and each own $500 of the one wheel.... we purchased this one gift for our three boys....

    We are not a wealthy family and it was a huge special that we ever concidered such an toy for our boys....

    We have one 10 year old vehicle with over 200,000 miles.... this purchase is special to our family and I should not be made to feel like my child is a spoiled brat....

    I hate social media for this very reason....

    I feel the company should have made us aware that a new model was to be released.... End of Story

  • You kind of sound like a whiner. Your kids still got a badass gift.

  • @CapoDelToro haha he sounds like someone who would make a social account named "carefreefamily", especially when he clearly is caring. :)

  • @MichaelW yeah that teaser photo seemed more sexy than the release photo. Some of it comes down to imagining what you couldn't see. I'm not sure I would pick black though.

  • @carefreefamily You hate social media for this very reason. You go on a rant, and people respond. I am not positive this is irony, but it very well may be.

    For your sons, who -likely- aren't 230#, the V1 OneWheel will be beyond awesome. Don't allow them to dwell on the "what could have been" of life, that is miserable. Perhaps a teaching moment? Just spitballing here. So when did they open and ride the OneWheel? On Christmas? Maybe the company will help you out inside of their ~10 day~ rule they alluded to.

    If they opened rode it after it was delivered from Cyber Monday (I am in same boat), then that's definitely water under the bridge so don't get too wound up. Cyber Monday was $1299--so that was a bit of a deal anyway, right?

    I harbor no ill will toward the company not warning of a new release, personally. I bought it when I did, end of story. There is no way they can do that in the modern world of business. Just no way.

  • @carefreefamily no worries and welcome to the community! I Know what you are going through. Didn't grow up wealthy myself but my dad would also feel my pain and help me out whenever possible which I appreciated and still do.

    Contact fm and see if they can help but otherwise v1 shouldn't hold your boys back since that extra power and speed are mostly useful for big guys like me. At the end of the day this can be a learning experience about research and timing surrounding big expenses. When I want to buy something expensive and new I'll search for when is the next model of X is released. Then you will normally find rumors and can make an educated decision which may or may not hold up. This group has been talking about v2 for well over a year going back to before ces 2015 but since fm is so tight lipped there has bee no clues. Its possible some held out from the 2015 Christmas season only to buy last Christmas and then this happened.

    It's amazing that your boys get to grow up at a time with so much innovation. Good luck to you and the fam!

  • @Larklen @No
    The 25% "savings" are the "value" of the extras you get for ordering immediately. Extended warranty, badge, a discount if you buy a bag, fender, and a (presumably extra) set of fenders, free shipping, contest entry. It doesn't look like the price of the OneWheel+ is going to increase over $1499 in the future.

  • What would be a longer term solution than making everything backward compatible. Big fail for me and I LOVE MY V1!!!!!!!!!! A facelift, some shaping and a bit more speed. I'll wait for the next generation.

  • @CapoDelToro said in The next level is here:

    • for all the owners of version 1 like me, the new pads apparently won't fit on the old board and they don't offer any swap/upgrade option. The rep told me they would work on a longer term solution for us original owners, but it will take a few months for sure. Maybe a software upgrade.

    That's a real bummer! I was thinking of buying new pads, but the original ones are not available and the new pretty cool looking ones are not compatible!

  • @Polle Future Motion has been responding to comments on Facebook and one of their replies was worded "the Surestance footpads are not currently compatible with the original board." I won't hold my breath but sounds like it could be a possibility for them to make them work on the v1.

  • I'm curious to know why they didn't cover the rear footpad in grip tape. It's angled on the edge closest to the tire, and angled such that it appears it'll work better for those riding regular foot, and not so much for those like me who ride goofy. Maybe this newer more powerful beast required a wider stance? On the original onewheel I'm able to ride faster and avoid nosedives by keeping my back foot closer to the tire, so wondering how it'll work out on the onewheel +. Not really a big deal as adding some extra grip tape is easy enough, just scratching my head wondering why. But I ordered one, perhaps the mystery will clear itself up once I get a chance to play with it.

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