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  • They would never make the footpads avalable at this point because it would keep people from buying the new one. The reason they are giving a time limit and free shit is that they are trying to get as many of us to pull the trigger as possible. Its not wrong its just the marketing strategy. At some point many of these smart tech guys on this forum will likely figure out a way to make the new pads work on V1. Till then I'm still thinking this is the best toy I've ever owned as an adult. I'll likely get the OneWheel plus down the road.

  • @groovyruvy maybe its simply a fancy look they were striving for....but I wondered the same!

  • No longer supplying replacement footboards for the v1 would kill a lot of their customer base and at present they are out of stock. V1's running around are still going to generate interest and hype for sales of the new board so letting the old ones die off with no replacement parts isn't the way to increase business. Nobody is going to drop another $1500 USD to buy the new board just because they need new footboards for their old one. I'd guess they are improving upon the current ones to rectify some of the sensor issues and could possibly be similar to the v2 pads. Yes they aren't going to release retrofit v2 footpads when they are trying to build hype about them being a new feature on their new board but they have to release replacement v1 pads at some point whether they are the same or a new design.

  • After reading all this I'm just glad I picked up a couple pair of footpads for the original onewheel, which I did out of an abundance of caution after hearing about all the issues with the sensors.

  • @groovyruvy I wish I had your forethought back when they were in stock, haven't touched my OW in almost a week because one of the sensors went out

  • @faskev let's hope!

  • @groovyruvy I'm sure those extra sets of foot pads you have could be worth a premium now they are out of stock!! I'm glad I thought the same as you and have a new pair sitting here waiting to go on if and when my old ones need replacing.. I'm thinking of turning my old pads into footpads similar to the V2 ones

  • I am selling a new set of footpads for $500. I will include a pocket knife. In 24 hours they will be $550 and not come with a pocket knife. PM me quickly as supplies are limited.

  • @MichaelW that's some black market pricing bro :)

  • @MichaelW I have a set of footpads for anyone in Europe.. I'm only asking £200!

  • Lol, let the gouging begin!

  • This sounds fun! Its winter here, I will sell my footpads off of my current V1 to the highest bidder!

  • I am not to be blamed for my creative marketing team. Supply and demand people! Supply and demand!! V1 pads NOS still in the box! Time is running out!! #Disposable Income #vintageskater #overforty #V1+

  • I just ordered one. I figured I minds well get it while obtaining all the added benefits of value for the same price.

    When ordering, it just states I received the Pioneer Edition, but it doesn't state what kind, as this one I ordered would technically be the "Founding Member". I wonder how Future Motion plans to keep track of what Pioneer package people purchase and what added items in that value list is provided if it doesn't state on the order which one was ordered. Maybe they'll just go by the date ordered, but that doesnt seem like the easiest way to organize that, and it's better to state exactly what the order is and what it comes with on the purchase receipt.

  • @MichaelW

    Can you include a 25% discount off something else that I won't be buying? I'd like to save some money.

  • @dalisdair LOL! Yes... I'll do 25% because my markup is 500% also because I am a good person.

  • With the new footpads not being compatible with the V1 and the original footpads being sold out, what happens if I buy the tune up + reload pack that is supposed to come with new footpads? Do they just do everything but swap out the footpads or are they not offering that service at all now?

  • @T-CAT when you order, a sales order is put together including all the items that need to ship which will be used for order fulfillment.

  • That's good to know. Thanks Franky

  • I've also got a new spare set of v1 footpads. I'll sell them for the LOW PRICE of $499 WITH FREE SHIPPING! But that's not all, order within the next hour and it will ship within two days rather than the normal four weeks! ORDER NOW!

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