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  • @carefreefamily my most recent purchase was less than a month ago and I sold one a week before the announcement. Currently I have 2 boards that are worth less now than a week ago but that's the way technology is. The V1 is literally the same exact board and for all we know could still be better. For all we know the + could have tons of unforeseen problems that won't be exposed until they are in the consumers hands. I think your kids will completely forget about all of their sorrows once they set foot on the onewheel and see just how awesome it really is.

  • V1 still maintaining value at $900+ respectively.
    My guess it'll hover around 800-1000 even after OW+ is out and about.
    OW+ used will be around 1200+.
    Hope they keep the V1 in production.

  • @ZeeMox

    Dude, I was just thinking the same thing... I really hope this thing comes next month since I purchased within the first 48 hours when the site said "February". Some confirmation on this would be nice.

  • Same here, pre-ordered in first 48 hours expecting it to ship in Feb, now site says April! It would really be nice if someone could officially clarify!

  • @smolloy you still will get your shipment in feb.

    Idk why this is so confusing to people...

    This is just like when Apple releases a new phone preorders start "ships on x date" then demand grows and starts pushing back the ship date "ships 3-4 weeks" demand grows "ships 5-6 weeks" eventually it goes back down to "ships in 24hrs"

    For all new orders placed today it will ship April.

  • Shit,. Apple released a new phone.... how did i not hear about this

  • @braswell I know, it's weird. If they kept the shipping date the same on the website, what happens a few months from now when people order? Will they be complaining that their Onewheel didn't already magically ship a few in the past like the site says?

    "What's up, Future Motion?? I ordered my board in April and your site says it was supposed to ship back in February! This is BS!"

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  • They have emailed me every time I email FM. It usually takes a couple days for them. As far as shipping they have clarified to me since I ordered first day it would ship end of February. And like others have said on this thread the earlier you bought the closer to end of February yours will ship. Today's orders prob won't ship til end of April or may unless they catch up with demand earlier.

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