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  • In all fairness, it's an improved version offered for the same price.
    And the V1 is being offered for $200 less.
    Sounds reasonable to me.

  • Should have made a set of upgrades fitting v1 for customer fidelisation and a complete for those who haven't got one. That would have been the smart move, including MORE RANGE...

  • Ordered.

    Given folks are getting 20mph+ from 15mph rating, I suspect 19mph is going to be pretty epic. Would love more range, but will continue to use coffee shops as the Onewheel supercharger network.

  • Can someone confirm that the new footpads will fit the V1 board?

  • Hey Future Motion,
    I own a Onewheel that is now being sold for $1299. After spending $1500 on a Onewheel, do you really think we're gonna spend another $1500 on a new one?

  • I see this as an opportunity. As fun as riding by yourself is, it will be nice to be able to invite a friend along for the journey now. And even though they didn't come correct with a removable battery on the +, now I'll have another fully charged battery on deck in my OG onewheel 😂

    My birthday is Feb 2nd too. I'll justify this purchase any way I can lol

  • autonomy?

  • This is my take on it.... The average range of esk8s is now around 10-12 miles. For me, I commute to work every day on my onewheel and these days the cold weather drags my battery down to 3mi a charge. I want to be able to commute to work on the coldest days and be able to ride with the other esk8ers in my community without bailing due to range.
    I'll probably pass on this upgrade and look elsewhere for my 2nd board (evolve gt or Mellow). Hopefully FM will see the need for a swappable battery in the next year or so as more companies roll out great boards with high ranges.

  • Ordered it, only because the final price of nearly 2k is just not worth it to me, so I might as well get in on the 25% off now. It's disappointing they didn't address the range...but in theory, wouldn't a more powerful motor increase the range at low to medium speeds? anyway, in the end, they fixed my 3 major complaints about the OW, torque, footpad design, and sensor design, looking forward to starting over with some crazy mods on a fresh board

  • @slydogstroh

    Take a look at the Metroboard.
    Awesome board.

  • Cool upgrade but nothing mind blowing. Having just got my v1 not too long ago this is somewhat of a relief. I predict the foot pads will work on the v1 because they have made the old ones unavailable. I agree a new motor with higher speed will add some excitement but that in itself isn't enough to try to offload my v1 for around $800 and spend another $1000 to upgrade. I'll hold out for a complete re-design in a v2 model. Congrats to the guys who have the cash to jump on the upgrade, be sure to let us know how it is!!!!!

  • @No

    I don't see anywhere saying the board is 25% off and going up 25% after a certain point. All I see in regards to 25% off is that it comes from the Mafia bag purchase if chosen to do so when the time comes. Where did you read the 25% off the board?

  • Interesting that official range of old board is 6-7 miles but new board is only 5-7 miles.

  • I don't know if the new footpads will be compatible with the version 1 generation board. I don't see all thr screws in the same spots. Hmm

  • @T-CAT It shows it in the email - it's one of the Founding Member perks.

    25% off retail value, which is: $1,999 - 25% = ~$1490

  • What is the mafia bag anyways?

  • I just realized how the breakdown of the sale was going. Now that makes more sense.

  • Yeah, it's a bit pricey considering the changes but I suppose I'll have to reserve judgement till I see some reviews/comparisons :P I've been riding mine for only about a month so far but its been winter here so its been working wonderfully in the snow/slush - we'll see how long the board lasts though!

  • @faskev the old ones are only sold out, that's only proof for the needed upgrade, not saying discontinued, no offense mate. Could be, looks like the old rails to me...

  • So why cant I trade my V1 in towards the cost of a V2?

    I feel a bit ripped off, I havent even owned mine for a full year and paid 1.6k for it... then this comes out and im left behind?

    I really wish they would take my V1 and give me a V2 for like 300ish extra bucks on top.

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