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  • Ordered it, only because the final price of nearly 2k is just not worth it to me, so I might as well get in on the 25% off now. It's disappointing they didn't address the range...but in theory, wouldn't a more powerful motor increase the range at low to medium speeds? anyway, in the end, they fixed my 3 major complaints about the OW, torque, footpad design, and sensor design, looking forward to starting over with some crazy mods on a fresh board

  • @slydogstroh

    Take a look at the Metroboard.
    Awesome board.

  • Cool upgrade but nothing mind blowing. Having just got my v1 not too long ago this is somewhat of a relief. I predict the foot pads will work on the v1 because they have made the old ones unavailable. I agree a new motor with higher speed will add some excitement but that in itself isn't enough to try to offload my v1 for around $800 and spend another $1000 to upgrade. I'll hold out for a complete re-design in a v2 model. Congrats to the guys who have the cash to jump on the upgrade, be sure to let us know how it is!!!!!

  • @No

    I don't see anywhere saying the board is 25% off and going up 25% after a certain point. All I see in regards to 25% off is that it comes from the Mafia bag purchase if chosen to do so when the time comes. Where did you read the 25% off the board?

  • Interesting that official range of old board is 6-7 miles but new board is only 5-7 miles.

  • I don't know if the new footpads will be compatible with the version 1 generation board. I don't see all thr screws in the same spots. Hmm

  • @T-CAT It shows it in the email - it's one of the Founding Member perks.

    25% off retail value, which is: $1,999 - 25% = ~$1490

  • What is the mafia bag anyways?

  • I just realized how the breakdown of the sale was going. Now that makes more sense.

  • Yeah, it's a bit pricey considering the changes but I suppose I'll have to reserve judgement till I see some reviews/comparisons :P I've been riding mine for only about a month so far but its been winter here so its been working wonderfully in the snow/slush - we'll see how long the board lasts though!

  • @faskev the old ones are only sold out, that's only proof for the needed upgrade, not saying discontinued, no offense mate. Could be, looks like the old rails to me...

  • So why cant I trade my V1 in towards the cost of a V2?

    I feel a bit ripped off, I havent even owned mine for a full year and paid 1.6k for it... then this comes out and im left behind?

    I really wish they would take my V1 and give me a V2 for like 300ish extra bucks on top.

  • No increased range means no pre-order for me although I am very interested in the new motor and the supposed increase in "smoothness." If that mean less pushback than that could be a real improvement. I won't be buying a + for a while though. Also I assume the new footpads will be usable on the current gen so that will be a nice upgrade for my board. If only we could swap batteries as would take care of the range problem.

  • @Seekwence Ultimately because that would be a flawed business model - the money spent into development of whatever is new for this board plus general production cost, they would lose quite a bit of money if they allowed that.

    Sucks, yeah - I've had my board for about a month but if I was really concerned about the possibility of a new board being announced within the year, then I would have waited. It's not a huge step up I think, so the current version is still great.

    If you're always concerned about being left behind, then the technology world must be a scary place :)

  • Youre right, but damn this really blows for me personally. As an investor I feel they should have considered upgrading replaceable parts for all models.

    Maybe just pay for an upgrade fee, not a entirely new unit.

  • @Seekwence You think you have it bad? At least you get access to a 25% discount on early sales.. In the rest of the world we don't get ANY discounts.. so this wonderful newsletter deal that was sent to me here in the Netherlands is a wonderful middle finger to my wallet...
    If the retail price of the OW+ is going to be higher here than the normal OW, i'm not going to buy..
    It would just be ridiculous..
    Future Motion: why can't we get the same deals here!!
    We would buy!

  • Just made a purchase :)

  • @njcustom no brainer for me too. Done!

    @Miro_NL_AMS i think there's a lot of misunderstanding with the price and perceived discount. The final price for all is $1499, you just get a bunch of perks if you order early (ext warranty etc).

  • @njcustom excited for your vids! I have no use for a second board but I hope they have a upgrade option. If not being able to upgrade the motor at the very least hopefully new footpads and new software.

  • @jordo

    I think so too.
    You're basically getting free fender, extra bumpers and 2 year warranty instead of 1.

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