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  • @T-CAT It shows it in the email - it's one of the Founding Member perks.

    25% off retail value, which is: $1,999 - 25% = ~$1490

  • What is the mafia bag anyways?

  • I just realized how the breakdown of the sale was going. Now that makes more sense.

  • Yeah, it's a bit pricey considering the changes but I suppose I'll have to reserve judgement till I see some reviews/comparisons :P I've been riding mine for only about a month so far but its been winter here so its been working wonderfully in the snow/slush - we'll see how long the board lasts though!

  • @faskev the old ones are only sold out, that's only proof for the needed upgrade, not saying discontinued, no offense mate. Could be, looks like the old rails to me...

  • So why cant I trade my V1 in towards the cost of a V2?

    I feel a bit ripped off, I havent even owned mine for a full year and paid 1.6k for it... then this comes out and im left behind?

    I really wish they would take my V1 and give me a V2 for like 300ish extra bucks on top.

  • No increased range means no pre-order for me although I am very interested in the new motor and the supposed increase in "smoothness." If that mean less pushback than that could be a real improvement. I won't be buying a + for a while though. Also I assume the new footpads will be usable on the current gen so that will be a nice upgrade for my board. If only we could swap batteries as would take care of the range problem.

  • @Seekwence Ultimately because that would be a flawed business model - the money spent into development of whatever is new for this board plus general production cost, they would lose quite a bit of money if they allowed that.

    Sucks, yeah - I've had my board for about a month but if I was really concerned about the possibility of a new board being announced within the year, then I would have waited. It's not a huge step up I think, so the current version is still great.

    If you're always concerned about being left behind, then the technology world must be a scary place :)

  • Youre right, but damn this really blows for me personally. As an investor I feel they should have considered upgrading replaceable parts for all models.

    Maybe just pay for an upgrade fee, not a entirely new unit.

  • @Seekwence You think you have it bad? At least you get access to a 25% discount on early sales.. In the rest of the world we don't get ANY discounts.. so this wonderful newsletter deal that was sent to me here in the Netherlands is a wonderful middle finger to my wallet...
    If the retail price of the OW+ is going to be higher here than the normal OW, i'm not going to buy..
    It would just be ridiculous..
    Future Motion: why can't we get the same deals here!!
    We would buy!

  • Just made a purchase :)

  • @njcustom no brainer for me too. Done!

    @Miro_NL_AMS i think there's a lot of misunderstanding with the price and perceived discount. The final price for all is $1499, you just get a bunch of perks if you order early (ext warranty etc).

  • @njcustom excited for your vids! I have no use for a second board but I hope they have a upgrade option. If not being able to upgrade the motor at the very least hopefully new footpads and new software.

  • @jordo

    I think so too.
    You're basically getting free fender, extra bumpers and 2 year warranty instead of 1.

  • @jordo Guess what the retail price is here for a normal OW...
    1700 EURO
    Which is 1781 USD.
    No discounts, christmas sales, thanksgiving black friday deals, etc etc.. full price, all the time..
    Next to that, we get no access to any perks..

  • @Seekwence what really blows is if you didn't have an OW at all! Go ride and smile...and be thankful! Don't let shiny new stuff ruin your day.

  • This post is deleted!

  • So I'm stewing a little right now. We early adapters are one of the main reasons this board is so popular. We are the free advertising FM has benefited from this past year. I sent them an email inquiring if there might be any consideration for purchasers of V1. I'm not expecting much. I would consider buying V2 for $1500 if I could get a reasonable price on the sale of my V1. Anyone else feel like I do?

  • @medhead

    FM has always been top notch with customer service.
    I wouldn't be surprised if they offer some type of an incentive for those who bought a V1 not long ago and wanting a V2.
    V2 is on my list come Spring and keeping V1 as a back up.

  • Yup. Went ahead and ordered one too. I'm a sucker! lol. :-P

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